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ACEEE and 800+ Groups Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day

October 6, 2021
Clean Energy - Going Green

Statement by Steven Nadel, ACEEE executive director:

Happy Energy Efficiency Day! Nearly 900 local governments, universities, organizations, corporations, and utilities are participating in #EEDay2021 today—and we hope you will join us. Using energy more efficiently is the heart of a clean energy future: It saves Americans billions of dollars each year on utility bills, supports more than 2 million jobs, and contributes to healthier and more comfortable homes.

This year, increasingly frequent extreme weather events—from drought and fires to record-breaking flooding—have underscored the urgency of addressing climate change. Reducing energy waste is a crucial tool. Bold efficiency measures can slash U.S. energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by about 50% by 2050, getting us halfway to our national climate goals.

As Congress considers historic efficiency investments that could boost the economic recovery, cities, counties, and states across the nation are touting their energy-saving efforts. More than 30 cities, counties, states, and universities have issued official proclamations declaring Wednesday, October 6 as Energy Efficiency Day—including Michigan, Mississippi, and Columbus, Ohio.

We can all do more to save energy in our everyday lives; even small actions such as cleaning an air conditioner filter or replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs can make an impact. Start thinking about how you can incorporate efficiency into your life and join us as we celebrate this sixth annual event.

Share your energy efficiency stories on social media and don’t forget to sign up as a participant on the Energy Efficiency Day campaign website.

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