Volume 1

Using ANSI/MSE 2000 to Enhance Energy Productivity

Michael Brown, Georgia Tech Energy and Environmental Management Center; Gerry Kuhel, Johnson Controls, Inc.

An Interactive Energy Balance: A Case Study

Cristian Cardenas-Lailhacar, Shiva Krishnamurthy, Diane Schaub, Dale Kirmse, University of Florida

Industrial Water Use and its Energy Implications

Mark Ellis, Nancy Margolis, Energetics, Inc.; Sara Dillich, U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Performance Benchmarking for Manufacturing Plants

Thomas W. Hicks, Elizabeth Dutrow, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

DATA: Use It; Don't Lose It

Sharon Jones, Jennifer Atlee, Demand Management Institute

Energy Efficiency in a Transition Economy - Romania: Challenges and Opportunities

Violeta Kogalniceanu, ETA Consult; Adam W. Hinge, Sustainable Energy Partnerships; Anke Sofia Meyer, Center for Environment and Resource Economics

Energy Efficiency in Innovative Industries: Application and Benefits of Energy Indicators in the Automobile Industry

Bernd Leven, Christoph Weber, University of Stuttgart

California's Green Power Market: Current Status and Appeal to Industrial Consumers

Patrick N Lilly, Brenda Gettig, Regional Economic Research, Inc.

Benchmarking Current System-Wide Compressed Air Market Efficiency Practices in the Northeast United States and Programmatic Strategies to Improve Them

Jonathan B. Maxwell, Aspen Systems; Roland Clarke, Edward McGlynn, NSTAR; Fred Gordon, Pacific Energy Associates; Hale Powell, National Grid USA

Alternatives to Standard HID Lighting in Industrial Facilities

Brian McCowan, Gary Epstein, Peter Bergeron, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.; Thomas Coughlin, National Grid USA

Trends and Tools in Corporate Energy Management: An Overview

Douglas L. Norland, Alliance to Save Energy

Best in Class: Using Energy Efficiency & Emission Reductions

Scott Rouse, Ontario Power Generation

Steam Champions in Manufacturing

Christopher Russell, Alliance to Save Energy; Anthony Wright, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

A Process-Step Benchmarking Approach to Energy Use at Industrial Facilities: Examples from the Iron and Steel and Cement Industries

Michael Ruth, Ernst Worrell, Lynn Price, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Multi-Channel Load Analysis: From Visualisation to Automation

Werner Schaeffer, Peter Sattler, Markus Buchegger, Sattler Energie Consulting

Energy Efficiency in Small Scale Industries: An Indian Perspective

Girish Sethi, Prosanto Pal, Tata Energy Research Institute

Energy Efficiency Programs for Small and Medium Sized Industry

Anna Monis Shipley, R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gases Emissions in the Appliance Industry: The First Brazilian Case Study

G.A. Soares, Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica; F.P.D. Perrone, A.C. Machado, Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras; B. Silva, MULTIBRAS

Cleanroom Energy Benchmarking in High-Tech and Biotech Industries

William Tschudi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Kathleen Benschine, Stephen Fok, Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Peter Rumsey, Supersymmetry

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Programs and Their Impacts

Steven Weakley, Marylynn Placet, Joseph M Roop, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Kenneth Friedman, U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Saving Policy and Industrial Energy Efficiency Network In Lithuania

F. Zinevicius, V. Gaigalis, R. Skema, Lithuanian Energy Institute; T.R Gulbrandsen, Institute for Energy Technology

The Food Processing Industry at a Glance

Nathan Adams, Pamela Herman Milmoe, E SOURCE

Summary of Results for Six Industrial Market Transformation Projects Funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Kenneth J. Anderson, Blair Collins, Amy Cortese, Andy Ekman, Northwest Energy EfficiencyƔAlliance

Energy Efficiency and Use in the Chemical Industry

Tracy Carole, Energetics, Inc.; Paul Scheihing, Lou Sousa, U.S. Department of Energy

Control Technologies for Reducing Demand in Induction Heating Systems

L. E. Crossley, ElMS, Inc.; M D 'Antonio, G. Epstein, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.

Industry-Government Cooperation Leads to Productivity and Energy Improvements

Robert De Saro, Energy Research Company

Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Ski Industry Snowmaking Processes

Gary Epstein, Brian McCowan, Energy & Resource Solutions; Randal Dixon, Public Service of New Hampshire

Lessons Learned from Industrial Assessments of Metal Casting Facilities

David Everest, Arvind Atreya, University of Michigan

Building Industries of the Future in Our Own Backyard

Kevin Grabner, Energy Center of Wisconsin; Preston Schutt, State of Wisconsin, Division of Energy

Measured Performance of a Direct-Contact Heat Recovery System Installed at a Commercial Bakery

Hugh L Henderson, Jr., Daniel E. Ciolkosz, CDH Energy Corp.; Pablo S. Guerrero, Keyspan Energy, Dana L. Levy, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Summary of Seafood Plant Assessments in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

Greg Kelleher, Edward Kolbe, Greg Wheeler, Oregon State University

Improvement of Pulp Mill Energy Efficiency in an Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill

Leena Kilponen, Pekka Ahtila, Helsinki University of Technology; Juha Parpala, Matti Pihko, Stora Enso Oyj

Oxy-Fuel Firing for the Glass Industry: An Update on the Impact of This Successful Government-Industry Cooperative Effort

Elliott Levine, US. Department of Energy; Keith Jamison, Energetics, Inc.

Efficiency Opportunities for the U.S. Cement Industry

Nathan Martin, Ernst Worrell, Lynn Price, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Bethlehem Steel's Evaluation of a Low NOx Oxy-Fuel Burner

Anthony P. Martocci, Jerry L. Jensen, Bethlehem Steel Corp.; Michael F. Riley, Curtis L. Bermel, Praxair, Inc.

Energy Study in the Illinois Chemicals Industry

Michael S. Rosenberg, David Eslinger, Michael J. Chimack, Ron Shafer, Energy Resources Center, University of Illinois at Chicago; Russell Smith, TR Smith and Associates

The U.S. Steel Industry: Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

John R. Stubbles, Steel Industry Consultant

Drying of Forest Industry Sludge for Energy Production With Partial Vacuum Technology

Antti Vanhatalo, Pekka Ahtila, Helsinki University of Technology

Emerging Technology and Successful Partnerships: Lost Foam Casting

Harvey Wong, U.S. Department of Energy; Kenneth M Green, BCS, Incorporated

Emerging Energy-Efficient Technologies for Industry

Ernst Worrell, Nathan Martin, Lynn Price, Michael Ruth, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Neal Elliott, Anna Shipley, Jennifer Thorne, American Council an Energy-Efficient Economy

Energy Use in Manufacturing: Reviewing the Results of the 1998 MECS

Robert K. Adler, Michael J. Margreta, Energy Information Administration

Exploring Energy Flexibility in the Norwegian Pulp and Paper Industry

Leifk AIm, Eva Rosenberg, Thomas Krogh, Hans Helgerud, Institute for Energy Technology

Industrial Model for Energy Efficiency Strategies in Slovenia

F. A/-Mansour, M. Tomsic, S. Merse, Institute Jozef Stefan

Quantifying Relative Energy, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Northeast Regional Industries

Lawrence Ambs, Sharon Tracey, Hwei-ling Greeney, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; James Booker, Alfred University

A Profit Model of Energy Efficiency Technology Decision Making

Gale Boyd, Argonne National Laboratory

Steam Systems in Industry: Energy Use and Energy Efficiency Improvement Potentials

Dan Einstein, Ernst Worrell, Marta Khrushch, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Industrial Energy Intensity Trends: 1992 to 1998

Amelia Elson, Joel Bluestein, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.

Industry, Energy Efficiency and Productivity Improvements

Hodayah Finman, John A. "Skip" Laitner, US. Environmental Protection Agency

Analyzing Industrial Electricity Demand: Applying Modern Econometric Time-Series Techniques

Christopher Hoeck, Christoph Weber, IER University of Stuttgart

Energy Consumption Projections for Selected Industries, Annual Energy Outlook 2001

T. Crawford Honeycutt, Brian L. Unruh, Energy Information Administration

Incorporating the Productivity Benefits into the Assessment of Cost-Effective Energy Savings Potential Using Conservation Supply Curves

John A. "Skip" Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Michael B. Ruth, Ernst Worrell, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Assessing the Cost of GHG Abatement Policies: A Methodology and a Case Study

John Nyboer, Mark Jaccard, Alison Bailie, Energy and Materials Research Group

The Canadian Decomposition Experience: From 10 to 54 Industries

Chris J. Padfield, Natural Resources Canada

Changes in Energy and Other Factor Productivity

Peggy Podolak, US. Department of Energy

Capital Stock Turnover in Industry: Is There a Near-Term Opportunity to Improve Efficiency?

Joseph M Roop,. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Kenneth Friedman, Peggy Podolak, U. S. Department of Energy

Manufacturing Energy Use in OECD Countries: Are Energy Intensities Still Falling?

Fridtjof Unander, Lee Schipper, Sohbet Karbuz, International Energy Agency