Electric Vehicles in Low- and Moderate-Income Communities: Utility Working Group

November 15, 2021

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a key component of an efficient, low-carbon future. EVs can support utility business models, strengthen the evolving grid, and provide numerous social benefits including expanding mobility options and reducing emissions. But for EVs to reach their full potential, they must be accessible to everyone, including members of low- and moderate-income (LMI) and marginalized communities.

Public utility commissions and utility governing boards are increasingly looking to ensure that ratepayer funds invested in EV programs generate equitable outcomes for all households. Utilities are therefore well situated to expand EV access in a way that benefits LMI and marginalized communities, whether through personal vehicle ownership, ride shares, electrified public transit, greater heavy-duty electrification, or other means.

Utility Working Group

To assist in this effort, ACEEE launched a working group in January 2019 focused on addressing the challenges faced by utilities and program administrators as they work to meet the needs of LMI and marginalized communities during this transition to EVs. This working group helps equity-minded utilities better understand issues such as stakeholder engagement, siting of transportation infrastructure, strategies to increase EV adoption, funding, measuring success, public and private partnerships, rate design, and much more.  

ACEEE’s working group facilitates peer-to-peer learning and information sharing. The group is a comfortable place for utilities and program administrators to discuss challenges and solutions with their peers. In consultation with working group members, we regularly welcome additional experts and representatives from cities, community groups, electric vehicle supply equipment companies, and other EV stakeholders to share their expertise during interactive working group sessions. 

electrified transportation can benefit low-income communities


The group welcomes participants who are administering, developing, or considering EV programs and who are willing to share their experiences with group members. Our membership includes investor-owned utilities, co-ops, municipal utilities, and program administrators from across the United States. Participants should be available to regularly attend working group conference calls or webinars which typically last 60–90 minutes and take place every 6-8 weeks. Previous meeting topics have included:

  • Utility and housing manager perspectives on EVs in multi-unit dwellings
  • Working with dealerships
  • Rural EV issues
  • EVs and community engagement
  • Metrics and measuring success in equitable EV programs


Interested in participating or learning more? Please email:
Peter Huether     Mike Specian

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