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Introducing an ACEEE webinar series on energy efficiency and the Clean Power Plan

March 17, 2016

Energy efficiency is a proven and cost-effective strategy to reduce pollution and can help states comply with environmental regulations, including EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Even with the Supreme Court stay of the rule, there are many reasons to move forward with energy efficiency. To explore the opportunity for energy efficiency to be used for Clean Power Plan compliance, we are introducing a new webinar series, “Energy Efficiency and the Clean Power Plan.” Each webinar will highlight ACEEE’s latest research, emphasizing best practices in program and policy design. These webinars will feature presentations from our Clean Power Plan experts Sara Hayes and me. We will be joined by ACEEE staff for the following webinars:

Building on Existing Efforts: State Policy and Clean Power Plan Outlook 

March 24, 1:30-2:30 pm, Click here to register  

This webinar will highlight the energy efficiency policies and programs states have in place that can be relied on for compliance with the Clean Power Plan. We will hear from Annie Gilleo, ACEEE’s state policy manager and lead author of the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, who will identify states providing a good environment for energy efficiency, along with states where there are opportunities for growth. Sara Hayes, leader of ACEEE’s Clean Power Plan team, will discuss the big opportunities for energy efficiency in key states and regions, with an eye toward Clean Power Plan compliance.

Leveraging the Clean Power Plan to Expand Low-Income Energy Efficiency Programs and Investments

April 21, 1:00-2:00pm, Click here to register 

During this webinar, Rachel Cluett, our lead researcher on utility-run low-income programs, will discuss key findings from her latest report Building Better Energy Efficiency Programs for Low-Income HouseholdsIn particular, she will highlight the key questions and challenges around low-income programs for single-family homes, and offer recommendations for increasing the savings and reach of efficiency programming in this sector. We will also hear from Lauren Ross, ACEEE’s local policy manager, who will discuss findings from an upcoming report on energy affordability and energy efficiency. She will provide a snapshot of energy burdens faced by vulnerable communities across the country, and highlight programs and policies to increase energy efficiency investments in low-income communities. These reports can serve as a guide for developing new low-income programs and increasing investments in low-income energy efficiency. I will then discuss how these strategies can contribute to emissions reduction targets under the Clean Power Plan.

Complying with the Clean Power Plan: An Opportunity for the Industrial Sector

May 19, 1:00-2:00pm, Click here to register

The industrial sector represents a big opportunity for low-cost energy savings from utility energy efficiency programs. During this webinar, we will hear from Meegan Kelly of our Industry Program, who will present on opportunities to achieve greater program participation by large energy users. She will discuss the value of industrial energy efficiency programs and highlight the benefits of participating in them. I will then discuss how these programs help states comply with the Clean Power Plan and how industrial energy efficiency and combined heat and power (CHP) provide emission reductions.

Paying for Clean Power Plan Compliance: Energy Efficiency

June 23, 1:00-2:00pm, Click here to register

During this webinar we will hear from ACEEE’s finance guru Brian Stickles about creative and emerging mechanisms for paying for energy efficiency programs and projects. His presentation will discuss findings from his report Energy Efficiency Finance: A Market Reassessment, including a look back at what methods have worked and offering insights for improvements in the future. He will be joined by Sara Hayes, who will discuss how these opportunities can be used in the context of state compliance planning for the Clean Power Plan.

People’s Choice!

July 28, 1:00-2:00pm, Click here to register

We are leaving the final webinar topic open for you to choose! There will be an audience poll during our earlier webinars, so be sure to tune into our series to vote on your favorite topic. 

Visit ACEEE’s Clean Power Plan webpage for links to recordings of each webinar as they become available, along with our resources on incorporating energy efficiency as a Clean Power Plan compliance strategy. Please contact me, Cassandra Kubes (, for more information about this webinar series.

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