ACEEE Workplace Sustainability

October 7, 2019

ACEEE staff strongly believe in sustainability and daily activities are infused with a desire to leave a smaller carbon footprint. ACEEE focuses on the following areas in its commitment to workplace sustainability and includes this commitment in its strategic plan.

Office Build-Out

While typically handled through facility management, ACEEE took advantage of its 2008 relocation and subsequent build-outs to incorporate many energy-efficient components into its office design:

  • Energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors (T8 and T5 lamps; color-adjustable LED lighting)
  • Sidelights and clerestory windows
  • ENERGY STAR-rated kitchen appliances
  • Zero VOC paints
  • Ceiling tiles 40% recycled content
  • Carpet tiles contain recycled content and recyclable at end-of-life
  • Non-carpeted flooring linoleum based, not vinyl based
  • All Washington, D.C. staff take advantage of transit benefits, commuting by train, bike, or foot. By commuting, ACEEE realizes a reduction of 198,396 vehicle miles traveled/year and a gas savings of 8,897 gallons of fuel annually.
Environmental Sustainability
  • Eco-friendly office consumables (post-consumer content, biodegradable paper products/packaging; non-phosphate soaps; fair trade coffees/teas)
  • Regularly recycle office products (paper, glass, aluminum, toner, cardboard)
Green Team Efforts
  • Ongoing office campaign to increase energy-efficiency messaging and shape behavior
  • Regularly revisit the sustainability of our operations
  • Open dialogue with building engineers which provides insight to facility energy-efficient measures in place and provides an opportunity for ACEEE to share efficiency information as appropriate
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