Rosa Cassidy

Rosa Cassidy, C.E.M. has served as has served as program manager, senior engineering manager, senior manager of operations and planning, Senior Manager for Eastern US Utility Services, and currently as Deputy Director for Lockheed Martin Energy. Ms. Cassidy is responsible for developing strategies to secure business opportunities with a wide range of customers, including energy utilities and direct commercial customers. She ensures an integrated approach to market for Demand Side Management solutions (energy efficiency, demand response, customer engagement), distributed energy solutions (non-wires alternatives, distributed generation, combined heat and power and storage), and IT/OT technology solutions. She is responsible for identifying where Lockheed Martin Energy’s strengths meet market needs. She currently serves as board member of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA).

She participates in Lockheed Martin’s efforts in support of the National Engineering Festival, the National Engineers’ Week and STEM – three national outreach programs for students K-12 designed to promote curiosity in young minds for the engineering field. For the past 10 years she has translated numerous technical documents from English to Spanish in support of energy efficiency programs and has participated in live radio interviews to bring the energy efficiency message to the Hispanic community.

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