Harvey Sachs

harvy sachs

Visiting Fellow

Harvey Sachs is a Visiting Fellow who works on building codes, standards, and market transformation for the residential and commercial sectors. Market transformation activities include evaluating emerging technologies, and specific programs for energy-saving technologies and practices. He joined ACEEE in 2001 as director of the Buildings Program.

Prior to joining ACEEE, Harvey trained as a geological oceanographer (PhD. Brown University), but turned his attention to indoor air pollution and energy efficiency while on the Princeton University faculty. He worked on radon distribution and diagnostics, asbestos, and formaldehyde. Harvey's policy and program background includes service as assistant commissioner in the New Jersey Department of Commerce, Energy, and Economic Development, and as policy director of the Center for Global Change, University of Maryland. 

Harvey was technical director of the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, responsible for its research and development, environmental programs, and education and training. He was active in ASHRAE for decades, with service on several technical committees, national committees, and Presidential Ad Hoc committees.


  • Buildings, heating and cooling equipment;
  • Emerging technologies and practices
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