2021 Hot Water Forum VIRTUAL

March 10 - 18, 2021
Full dates: March 10-11 and March 17-18
Water Efficiency - Water Conservation

    “A. O. Smith is once again proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the 2021 Hot Water Forum, which is the signature event for stakeholders in the water heating industry as well as those setting policy, regulations, and technological trends.” – Joshua C. Greene, Esq. Corporate Vice President – Government and Industry Affairs | A. O. Smith Corporation


    ACEEE hosted its 13th Hot Water Forum virtually with over 230 attendees, the preeminent annual conference on water heating. The event featured more than 60 speakers with a wide range of perspectives as well as plenaries, 16 break-out sessions, and networking opportunities throughout each day. In addition, we explored the impacts of the pandemic, the growing push toward grid decarbonization, and the electrification of homes and apartment buildings. Attendees also learned about the latest "quantum leap" technologies that are emerging across the industry, including heat pump water heater systems that use alternative refrigerants, are geothermal-enabled, and can function as batteries for energy storage.

    ACEEE thanks our sponsors and attendees for their support and encouragement in making our second virtual forum a great success. We also wish to thank the Hot Water Forum Steering Committee and the 60+ presenters and moderators whose commitment in time and preparation were greatly appreciated.

    The forum brought together a diverse group of equipment and component manufacturers; water, gas, and electric utility professionals; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy efficiency program planners, operators, and evaluators; plumbers and installers; policymakers; NGOs; engineers, and consultants.

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    Plenary Panels

    Efficient Hot Water Systems: Perspectives from Around the World - Wednesday, March 10

    This plenary discussed the potential impacts of incorporating water efficiency policies into codes and standards in India and South Africa that could result in a combined reduction of almost 90 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. It also provided an update on the International Organization for Standards (ISO) working group, which is creating a worldwide standard on water efficiency products that will help developing countries reduce energy use and emissions. 



    Carrots and Sticks in Hot Water: The Heat Pump Water Heater Policy and Program - Wednesday, March 17

    This plenary explored the need for flexible loads on the grid, decarbonization policies at the city and state level, incentive HPWH programs in leading states (CA, WA) and nationally, and NBI's experience in leading the Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI).   



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    We thank our sponsors for their generosity and support of the 2021 Hot Water Forum. If you have any questions about sponsoring our future events, please contact Corinne Abbott.


    Steering Committee
    William Bryan
    Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
    George Chapman
    Energy Solutions
    Jim Cika
    International Code Council
    Bouba Dieme’
    Consortium for Energy Efficiency
    Amin Delagh
    Pacific Gas & Electric
    Paul Glanville
    Gas Technology Institute
    Kyle Gluesenkamp
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    William Healy
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Bill Hosken
    A.O. Smith
    Kim Katz
    Consortium for Energy Efficiency
    Gary Klein
    Gary Klein Associates
    Ben Larson
    Larson Energy Research
    Jim Lutz
    Hot Water Research
    Shawn Oram
    Ecotope, Inc.
    Ben Schoenbauer
    Center for Energy and Environment
    Larry Weingarten
    Geoff Wickes
    Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
    Sarah Widder
    Cadeo Group
    Aaron Winer
    Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


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