Volume 1

Saving Commercial HVAC Energy By The Ton

Robert C. Bishop, David Jm Houghton


Enhanced Thermal Storage that Saves Energy

James L. Block

Burr Engineers, Inc

A Water-Ballasted lifetime Energy Saving Roof System: Demonstration Project

Richard C. Bourne, Marc A. Hoeschele

Davis Energy Group, Inc.

ACT2 Pilot Project: Results to Date from the Pilot Demonstration Building

Grant Brohard

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Resource Efficiency in Building Rehabilitation: A Case Study of the Use of Appropriate Technology in Older Office Buildings

Robert J. Corbett, Barbara A. Miller, Valori S. Mourich, Hans H. Haumberger, Cathy M. Casebolt, Rich Jarvis, Mike W. Harrison

National Center for Appropriate Technology

Explaining Differences Between DSM Predictions and Actual Savings for Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Robert Davism

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Choosing the Optimum Fenestration in Commercial Buildings

Charles Eley, Erik Kolderup

Eley Associates

Peak Power Reduction Potential for Radiant Cooling Systems

Helmut Feustel

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Lighting Industrial Facilities: Untapped Source of Energy Savings

John Freeman, Elena Gryadovkina, Sandra Ae Raitz, Erik Haites*, Paul Parfomak*

Ontario Hydro

*Barakat and Chamberlin

Environmentally Responsive Daylighting/Passive Cooling Design for Buildings in Hot/Arid Regions

Jose Garcia-Chavez


Energy Conservation In Existing Buildings Using High Performance Pyrolytic Low-E Glass

Peter Gerhardinger, Ann Flagg

Libbey-Owens-Ford Co.

The Potential of Electric Load Reductions Obtained in Hot Humid Climates from Office Buildings Using Efficient Electric Lighting, High Performance Glazings, and Daylighting

Christian Gueymard, Ross McCluney

Florida Solar Energy Center

Relighting for Energy Efficiency and Productivity

Louis Harris, Chrales Purcell*


*Pacific Northwest Laboratory

An Energy Responsive Building Application for New Commercial Construction

Curt Hepting

International, Inc.

Technology Assessment in Support of Pilot New Commercial Building Demand-Side Management Program

Michael J. Holtz, C. Edward Hancock, Peter C. Jacobs, David R. Roberts,Robert D. Westby*, Jane L. Finleon**

Architectural Energy Corporation

*National Renewable Energy Laboratory

**Public Service Company of Colorado

Natural Energy Public Library - Design to Reality

Nigel Issacs, Michael Donn

Victoria University

Guidelines for the Classification of Indoor Climate and of Air Distribution Systems

lennart Jagemar, Ulf Rengholt

Chalmers University of Technology

*Swedish Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Guidelines for Energy Simulation of Commercial Buildings

Michael B. Kaplan, Phoebe Caner*, Grant W. Vincent**

Kaplan Engineering

*Seattle City Light

**Bonneville Power Administration

Evaluating the Impact of Overhangs and Sidefins

Erik P. Kolderup, Charles N. Eley Jr.

Eley Associates

An Analysis of Climate Rejecting and Climate Adapting Design Strategies for a Midsize Office Building

Lance LaVine

University of Minnesota and The Weidt Group

Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Occupancy Sensors

Dorene Maniccia


Energy Efficiency of Electronic Office Equipment: Case Study for a Building Retrofit

Eric T. Martin

Brown, Vence & Associates

Introducing MotorMaster: An Energy Efficient Motor Performance, Price, and Payback Analysis Software Package

Gilbert McCoy, Todd Litman

Washington State Energy Office

Optimal Sizing and Control of Ice Storage and Refrigeration Systems in Commercial Buildings

Michael Meyer, Ashley F. Emery

University of Washington

Identification of Building Applications for a Variable-Conductance Insulation

Thomas F. Potter, Adrian Tuluca*

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

*Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

A Knowledge-Based System for Automated Evaluation of Energy Standards Compliance

Richard Quadrel, Rex Stratton, Michael Brambley

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Potential For Savings Using a Gas Booster Heater in Commercial Dishwashing Applications

Michael Sachi, Martha Hewett, Mark Hancock

Center for Energy and the Urban Environment

Building Performance Analysis Using Interactive Multimedia Concepts

Stephen Selkowitz, Liliana Beltran, Werner Osterhaus, Kostas Papamichael, Jennifer Schuman, Robert Sullivan, Michael Wilde

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Optimal Beam Daylighting with Stationary Projecting Reflector Arrays

Michael Stiles

Synertech Systems Corporation

Utility and Economic Benefits of Electrochromic Smart Windows

Jeffrey Warner, Susan Reilly, Stephen Selkowitz, Dariush Arasteh, Gregg Ander*

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*Southern California Edison Company

Office Building Retrofit to Produce Energy Savings of 75%

Robert Watson, Greg Creigton*, Dan Thatcher*, Mike Sremba**, Richard Palmer***, Tina Quinn****, Charles Starner*****

Natural Resources Defense Council

*Air Conditioning Company

**Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

***Reflected Light Technology

****Douglas, Emmett, and Company

*****Flack & Kurtz Consulting Engineers

An Application of Adjustable Speed Drives for Cooling Tower Capacity Control

William P. Welch, John J. Beckman*

Eugene Water and Electric Board

*Texas Instruments

Future Directions: Building Technologies and Design Tools

Stephen Selkowitz, Jeff Haberl*, David Claridge*

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*Texas A&M University