Volume 1 - Residential Buildings: Technologies, Design, Performance Analysis, and Building Industry Trends

Incorporating Insulating Sheathing into the Design of the Thermal and Moisture Management System of the Building Enclosure

Peter Baker, Building Science Corporation

Testing a Residential Fuel Cell for Combined Heat and Power

Mike Bell, Innovative Energy Systems; Mike Swinton, Marianne Manning, National Research Council Canada; Evgueniy Entchev, John Gusdorf, Frank Szadkowski, Natural Resources Canada

Field Investigation of Energy-Efficient Homes in a Hot, Dry Climate

John Broniek, William Rittelmann, IBACOS, Inc.

New Homes with Load Shapes to Make an Electric Utility Drool: How to Integrate Multiple DSM Strategies to Achieve Long Term Energy Performance Goals

Bruce Ceniceros, Bruce Vincent, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

How to Build a Zero Electric Utility Cost House

Jeff Christian, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

It Sounded Good on Paper: Field Performance of Residential Heat Pumps in the Pacific Northwest

Bob Davis, David Baylon, Shelly Strand, Ecotope, Inc.

Combining Photovoltaic Systems with ENERGY STAR® Homes: Lessons Learned from a Demonstration Program Focused on New Construction and Production Builders

Dianne Griffiths, Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Modified Air Circulation: Energy Savings and Indoor Air Quality

John Gusdorf, Frank Szadkowski, Natural Resources Canada; Craig Simpson, Craig J. Simpson Technical Services; Mike Swinton, National Research Council Canada; T.J. Hwang, Enbridge Gas Distribution

Without Strip Heat: In-Situ Monitoring of a Multi-Stage Air Source Heat Pump in the Pacific Northwest

Adam Hadley, Jack Callahan, Richard Stroh, Bonneville Power Administration

Peak Demand Limiting in New York Residential Housing: Automatic Air Conditioner Load Curtailment and Demand Limiting Using Wireless Mesh Communications

Daniel Harris, Association for Energy Affordability; Michael Bobker, CUNY Institute for Urban Systems

Design, Installation, and Performance of Solar Hot Water Systems in New Homes

Eric Helton, IBACOS, Inc.; Robb Aldrich, Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

University of Nevada Zero Energy House Project

Rick Hurt, Robert Boehm, Yahia Baghzouz, Center for Energy Research, University of Nevada at Las Vegas; Abe Cubano, Consol; Mary Jane Hale, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Regression Modeling to Analyze Apartment Space Heating Demand and the Influence of Electrical Use Diversity

Don Hynek, Wisconsin Division of Energy

Measured Effect of Air Flow and Refrigerant Charge on Heat Pump Performance in Heating Mode

Erin Kruse, Larry Palmiter, Ecotope, Inc.

Using Building America to Demonstrate "Less Is More"

Terry Lenhart, Mary Lenhart, Advanced Energy of Wisconsin; Mary Meunier, Wisconsin Division of Energy; Richard Stone, Sawtooth Ridge Woodcraft; Peter Kraus, Kraus Construction, Inc.

Residential Two-Stage Gas Furnaces: Do They Save Energy?

Alex Lekov, Victor Franco, James Lutz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

BPM Motors in Residential Gas Furnaces: What Are the Savings?

James Lutz, Victor Franco, Alex Lekov, Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

True R-Values of Round Residential Ductwork

Larry Palmiter, Erin Kruse, Ecotope, Inc.

How Much Energy Are We Using? Potential for Energy Demand Feedback Devices

Danny Parker, David Hoak, Florida Solar Energy Center; Alan Meier, Richard Brown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Two-Stage High Efficiency Air Conditioners: Laboratory Ratings vs. Residential Installation Performance

John Proctor, Gabriel Cohn, Proctor Engineering Group, Ltd.

The Winding Road Towards "Zero" Energy: Lessons from Monitoring Efficient Solar Homes

Srikanth Puttagunta, Robb Aldrich, Douglas Owens, Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Field Monitoring of High Efficiency Residential Heat Pumps

Howard Reichmuth, New Buildings Institute, Inc.; David Robison, Stellar Processes; Bob Davis, Ecotope, Inc.; Dennis Landwehr, Stellar Processes

A Systemic Short-Term Field Test for Residential HVAC Thermal Comfort Performance

William Rittelmann, IBACOS, Inc.

Can SEER Be Saved?

Harvey Sachs, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Hugh Henderson, CDH Energy; Don Shirey, Florida Solar Energy Center; Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Daniel Jaynes, Glenn Fellow, Ohio State University

The CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater as a New Countermeasure Against Global Warming: Drastic Improvement in Energy Efficiency in Three Years Since Its Debut

Yoshiaki Shibata, Chiharu Murakoshi, Hidetoshi Nakagami, Jyukankyo Research Institute

Zero Energy: Designing and Monitoring a Zero Energy Building that Works: The Science House in Minnesota

Jason Steinbock, David Eijadi, Tom McDougall, Prasad Vaidya, Jeff Weier, The Weidt Group

Field Monitoring of the Hygrothermal Performance of Interior Basement Insulation Systems

Kohta Ueno, University of Waterloo; Aaron Townsend, Building Science Corporation

A Review of Housewrap Performance and Its Implications for Energy Savings

Theresa A. Weston, DuPont Building Innovations

Implementation of the Building America Program Benchmark in the EnergyValueTM Housing Award Program

Joseph Wiehagen, Tom Kenney, Kevin Mo, NAHB Research Center; Ali Jalalzadeh-Azar, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Matthew Shaeffer, Boston University (student)

Air Handlers: An Appliance of Airtight Defiance?

Charles Withers, James Cummings, Florida Solar Energy Center