Volume 1

Computer Modeling of Commercial Refrigerated Warehouse Facilities

C. Victor Nicoulin, ECO Engineering; Peter C. Jacobs, Architectural Energy Corporation; Stan Tory, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

A Review of Energy Use in the Food Industry

Sara Drescher, Nishant Rao, Jeannie Kozak, Martin Okos, Purdue University

Quantifying the Benefits: Energy, Cost, and Employment Impacts of Advanced Industrial Technologies

Gregory P. Sullivan, Joseph M. Roop, Robert W. Schultz, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Identify: Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency and Mitigating Global Climate Change

Michael Lazarus, David Hill, Deborah Wilson Cornland, Charlie Heaps, David von Hippel, Stockholm Environment Institute; Robert Williams, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Industrial Strategies for Improving Energy Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Examples from the Climate Wise Program

Karla Buhsmer, Heidi Nelson, Allison Wayman, Steve Winkelman, ICF Kaiser Consulting Group; Pam Herman Milmoe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

External Research & Energy Efficiency in the Process Industries

Tina M. Kaarsberg, Vista Technologies, Inc.; Thomas D. Foust, Lockheed-Martin Idaho Technologies

The Patterns of Energy Use in the Chemical Industry

Dan Steinmeyer

Energy and Environmental Profile of the U.S. Iron and Steel Industry

Nancy Margolis, Energetics, Incorporated; Louis Sousa, U..S. Department of Energy

Energy Efficiency in the United States Iron and Steel Industry: An International Perspective

Lynn Price, Nathan Martin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Emst Worrell, laceo FarIa, Utrecht University; Roberto Schaeffer, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Energy-Efficient Technology in the Iron and Steel Industry: Simulation of New Technology Adoption with Items

Joseph M. Roop, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Energy Efficiency and Advanced Technologies in the Iron and Steel Industry

Ernst Worrell, Utrecht University; Curtis Moore, Curtis Moore and Associates

Energy and Materials Savings from Gases and Solid Waste Recovery in the Iron and Steel Industry in Brazil: An Industrial Ecology Approach

Marcio Macedo Costa, Roberto Schaeffer, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The Future of Energy Efficiency in the Steel Industry

Bettadapura Lakshminarayana, American Iron and Steel Institute

Market Transformation Strategies for Electric Motors

Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission, Directorate General for Energy; Ambal De Almeida, University of Coimbra

Patterns of Energy Use in the Brazilian Economy: Can the Profile of Brazilian Exports Determine the Future Energy Efficiency of Its Industry?

Giovani V. Machado, Roberto Schaeffer, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

High-Efficiency Electric Motors: An Analysis of a Feasible Tariff Policy for Brazil

Marco Antonio de Paiva Delgado, Mauricio Timnno Tolmasquim, COPPE/UFRJ

Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada: An Industrial Perspective

Louise Metivier, Tun Mcintosh, Mark Pearson, Natural Resources Canada

Economic Analysis of Proposed Amendment to Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations - Electric Motors

Mark Pearson, Natural Resources Canada

China's Economic Reform and Industrial Sector Energy Requirement: A Forecast to 2015

Alan Y. Gu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

A One-Time Opportunity to Expand the Market for Premium Efficiency Motors

Fred Gordon, Les Tumidaj, Pacific Energy Associates, Inc.; Dick Hoernlein, Public Service Electric and Gas; Susan Coakley, Susan Coakley and Associates

The US Motor Systems Market Assessment: Overview and Preliminary Findings

Mitchell Rosenberg, XENERGY Inc.

Improving the Efficiency of Electric Motor Systems: Moving Beyond Efficient Motors

R. Neal Elliott, Miriam Pye, Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Assessing Methods to Measure Motor Efficiency in Situ

Johnny Douglass, Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program; Craig Wohlgemuth, Bonneville Power Administration; Gary Wainwright, Pacific Gas and Electric

Industrial Energy Efficiency in a Competitive Environment: Transforming the Motor System Market Through the Use of Partnerships

Gary M. Hirsch, Macro International, Inc.

Airmaster: Compressed Air System Audit Software

George M. Wheeler, Eric G. Bessey, Oregon State University, Richard D. McGill, Oregon State University, Karl Vischer, Bonneville Power Administration

Motor Maintenance: A Survey of Techniques and Results

Timothy J.Barnish, Rutgers University, Michael R.Muller, Rutgers University, Donald J. Kasten, Rutgers University

Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chris Robertson, Mark Chemiack, Chris Robertson & Associates; Jay Stein, E-Cube, Inc.; Jeff Harris, Northwest Power Planning Council

Why Do Some Companies Have Success with Energy Efficiency?

Mikael Togeby, Trine Pipi Krremer, Lenette Gjesse, Jacob KIok, AKF, Institute of Local Government Studies - Denmark; Christoph Clases, Friedemann Prose, Kiel University

Energy, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of Advanced Technology in the Process Industries

Joan L. Pellegrino, Energetics, Incorporated, James E. Reed, Energetics, Incorporated

Biopulping: A New Energy-Saving Technology for Papermaking

Scott, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory; Masood Akhtar, Michael J. Lentz, Weaver Industries, Inc. (dba Biotechnology Worldwide); T. Kent Kirk, Ross Swaney, University of Wisconsin; David F. Shipley, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Long Term Energy and Materials Strategies for Reduction of Industrial Co² Emissions: A Case Study for the Iron and Steel Industry

DoIf J. Gielen, ECN-Policy Studies

The Potential for Industrial Energy Efficiency Technology to Reduce U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Madeline G. Woodruff, Joseph M. Roop, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Gale A. Boyd, Argonne National Laboratory

The Energy Services Revolution: New Opportunities for Commercial & Industrial End-Users

JOM Hoggard, The Energy Planning Network

Engineering Consultants, Utility Incentives and Utility Field Staff Equals Industrial Efficiency

Tim Newcomb, Seattle City Light

Serving the Industrial Customer: Emerging Directions for Utility-Related Energy Efficiency Services

Steven Nadel, Neal Elliott, Miriam Pye, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

An Innovative Partnership Program Between the Department of Energy, Industry, and Small Business

Mark Hattrup, Robin Conger, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Fred Hart, U.S. Department of Energy

Energy, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of Advanced Industrial Process Innovations, 1976-1996

James E. Quinn, U.S. Department of Energy;James E. Reed, Energetics, Incorporated

Experiences Integrating Productivity, Pollution Prevention, and Energy Conservation Including Case Studies

Donald J. Kasten, Michael R. Muller, Timothy J. Barnish, Rutgers University

Process Energy Efficiency Improvement in Wisconsin Cheese Plants

S. Zem, J. Mitchell, D. Reinemann, S. Klein, D. Reindl, Solar Energy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Steam Partnership: Improving Steam System Efficiency Through Marketplace Partnerships

Ted Jones, Alliance to Save Energy

Taking Advantage of Real-Time Pricing Programs to Reduce Energy Costs in Manufacturing

Jay Zamikau. Planergy. Inc.

Improving Energy Efficiency Profitably in a Manufacturing Company by Using Known Technologies Consequently Under Financial Tools — Matching Reduction of Energy Demand by 50% Specifically Within 1½ Decades

Christian Wadsack, Colleges of Munich and Weihenstephan, Germany

What Works for Energy Efficiency in Large Industry

H. Gil Peach, C. Eric Bonnyman, Scan America®; Joseph C. Ghislain, Ford Motor Company

Wise Rules: Successful Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Manufacturing

Steven Winkelman, Eric Seifert, Juanita Haydel, ICF Kaiser Consulting Group; Pamela Herman Milmoe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Department of Energy's Motor Challenge Showcase Demonstration Projects - a Model of Government-Industry Partnership for the 21st Century

Andy Szady, Phillip Jallouk, Mitch Olszewski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Paul Sheaffer, Resource Dynamics Corporation

Tracking Energy Use At Industrial Companies

Juanita Haydel, Steven Winkelman, ICF Kaiser Consulting Group; Pamela Herman Milmoe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Compressed Air Efficiency Services in Medium Sized Manufacturers

Peter J. Barrer, Demand Management Institute, Inc.

Pollution Prevention At a Profit in the Production of Iron and Steel

H. Alan Fine, University of Kentucky; John Molburg, Argonne National Laboratory; Virginia Gorsevski, Leanne Briskin., US Environmental Protection Agency; Ernst Worrell, Utrecht University; Lynn Price, Nathan Martin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Industrial Energy Future: Energy and Emission Reductions Versus Choices of New Technologies

John W. Bjerklie, MKE, Inc.

Developing Customer Partnerships in a Competitive Energy Market

Dawn M. Anderson, N. Richard Friedman, Resource Dynamics Corporation

Case Study: Georgia-Pacific Reduces Outside Fuel Costs and Increases Process Efficiency with Insulation Upgrade Program

George Phelps, North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

Economic Impact of Control and Optimization on Industrial Utilities

Roger Lang, Dan Collins, Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control

Capturing Energy Savings with Steam Traps

Douglas V. Bloss, Richard G. Bockwinkel, Norman J. Rivers, Annstrong International, Inc.

A New Partnership for Energy and Environment

Jerry D. Dwme, William W. Gaylord, III, Vista Technologies, Inc.

Using Data Visualization Techniques to Understand and Compare Alternative Rates in a Competitive Market

Michael Becker, Jedd Parker, James A. McCray, RLW Analytics, Inc.