Volume 8

Future Directions: Integrated Resource Planning

Douglas Bauer, Joseph Eto*

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

*Lawerence Berekely Laboratory

Setting Priorities for Utility Investment in Cost-Effective DSM

Joseph Chaisson, Susan Coakley

Conservation Law Foundation

Gaining Momentum or Running Out of Steam? Utility Shareholder Incentive Mechanisms--Past, Present, and Future

John Chamberlin, Julia Brown, Michael Reid

Barakat and Chamberlin

Estimating Marginal Gas Costs: A Case Study

Carol Etter, Frank Stern

RCG/Hagler, Bailly

DSM Planning: Is It Any Different the Second Time Around?

Ahmad Faruqui, Susan Shaffer, Ellen Rubenstein, Dana Toulson, Mark Kumm*

Barakat and Chamberlin

*Potomac Electric Power Company

Incorporating Lessons Learned into Demand Side Bidding

Jane Finleon, Kelly Triplett, Bruce Peterson

Public Service Company of Colorado

The Politics of Fuel Switching: A Vermont Case Study

Joan Gamble, Michael Weedall*

Central Vermont Public Service Corporation

*Green Mountain Power Corporation

Integrated Resource Planning at Gas Utilities: A Review of Initial Efforts

Charles Goldmane, Mary Ellen Hopkins*

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*The Fleming Group

Fuel Switching Programs in Vermont: Issues and Experiences

L. Blair Hamilton, Lewis Milford*, William Steinhurst**

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

*Conservation Law Foundation, Scudder Parker

**Vermont Department of Public Service

Definitions and Tradeoffs: Cost-Effectiveness of Utility DSM Programs

Eric Hirst

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Integrating Market Processes into Utility Resource Planning

Edward Kahn

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Exporting Integrated Resource Planning to Less-Developed and Post-Communist Countries

Marc Ledbetter, David Wolcott*, Mark Cherniack**, Carl Pechman***

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

*RCG/Hagiera Bailly

**International Institute for Energy Conservation

***New York State Department of Public Service

Should Utility Shareholders Earn Incentives from DSM Bidding Programs?

David Lui

Synergic Resources Corporation

The Development of a Local Electric Energy Efficiency Economic Impact Model for Use in Integrated Resource Planning

Lori Megdal, Hasan Rammaha

City of Austin

Can Greed, Accuracy and Fairness be Mixed for the Public Good? The Case of the California Shareholder Incentive Experiment for Utility DSM Programs

Michael Messenger

California Energy Commission

The Context and Organization of Demand-Side Management Collaboratives: An Overview

Martin Schweitzer, Jonathan Raab*

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Residential Fuel Substitution in Integrated Resource Planning: An Economic Analysis

Mark Thompson, Conrad Eustis

Portland General Electric Company

The Collaborative Planning Process in Vermont: What We Could Have Done Better

Michael Weedall, Joan Gamble*

Green Mountain Power Corporation

*Central Vermont Public Service Corporation

Optimal Expansion of Energy Efficiency Programs: Examples

Allen Wilson, Villamor Gamponia, Benjamin Hobbes*

Seattle City Light

*Case Western Reserve University

Moving Beyond Demand-Side Bidding: A More Constructive Role for Energy Service Companies

David Wolcott, Charles Goldman*

RCG/Hagler, Bailly

*Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Anatomy of a Collaborative (Times 15)

Patrick Wolfe, Nancy Benner, Diana Bjornskov

Portland Energy Conservation

Electric Marketing and Energy Efficiency: What Path for Shareholder Value?

Eric Woychik, Craig McDonald, Bob Redlinger

Synergic Resources Corporation