Volume 7

The Purpose, Practice and Profession of DSM Evaluation: Current Trends, Future Challenges

Martin Kushler, Ken Keating*, Jeff Schlegel**, Edward Vine***

Michigan Public Service Commission

*Bonneville Power Authority

**Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

***Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

A Status Report on the National Weatherization Evaluation

Marilyn A. Brown, Darrell A. Beschen*

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

*U.S. Department of Energy

How Should We Treat Factors Contributing to Uncertainty in Measurement and Evaluation of DSM?

Susan Buller, William Miller

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Persistence of Energy Savings in a Commercial Conservation Program

Brian Coates

Seattle City Light

Measured Energy Savings and Economics of Low-Income Weatherization Progress

Samuel Cohen, Charles Goldman*

Barakat and Chamberlin

*Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

MEETSĀ© Customer Tracking System; Basis for Monitoring and Evaluation

Jean Fulchino


Customer Acceptance and Use of Compact Fluorescents: Results from a Comprehensive Evaluation of PG&E's Program

Andrew Goett, Kent Van Liere*, Dan Quigley**

Barakat and Chamberlin

*HBRS, Inc.

**Pacific Gas and Electric Company

DSM Evaluation at Niagara Mohawk: An Integrated Approach

William Golemboski, Nancy Hughes, Michael Kelleher

Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.

Database of Evaluation Findings and Research Results

Pamela Greene, Daneil Violette*, Shel Feldman**, Philip Hanswer***

RCG/Hagler, Bailly


**Wisconsin Center for Demand-Side Research

***Electric Power Research Institute

An Evaluation of Boston Edison's WattBusters Program

Jerry Greer, Kathleen Kelly, Susan Piotroski*

Boston Edison Company

*Decision Research

Documenting Energy Savings Enhancements from Energy Education Components of a Low-Income Weatherization Program

Merrilee S. Harrigan, Judith M. Gregory*

Alliance to Save Energy

*Applied Energy Research

Building Site Visits, A Look at Measure Retention as an Element of Program Evaluation

Curtis Hickman, Pamela Brandis

Bonneville Power Administration

Comparing Engineering Estimates to Measured Savings: One Utility's Experience

David Jacobson, Meredith Miller, Christopher Granda, Dorothy Conant, Roger Wright*, Dennis Landsberg**

New England Power Service Company

*RLW Analytics

**The Fleming Group

Effect of Weatherization Programs on Low-Income Customer Arrearages

Sami Khawaja, Douglas Ballou, Karen Schoch-McDaniel*

Pacific Power and Light Company


Evaluation Design for a Community-Based Approach to Conservation in Espanola, Ontario

Alison Knight

Ontario Hydro

Now That We've Got Their Attention: Guidelines for Producing Useful and Used Evaluations

Marjorie McRae,Thom Henneberger*, Phil Hanser*

Barakat and Chamberlin


Development of Measured Savings for a Small Commercial/Industrial Lighting Program

Meredith Miller, William Blake, Sarah Dagher, Jeremy Schutte, Roger Wright*

New England Power Service Company

*RLW Analytics

Billing Analysis of HVAC Customized Rebates in the Nonresidential Sector

Ronald Moe, Susan Buller*, William Miller*

Synergetic Resources Corporation

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

Revisiting Multifamily Retrofit Electricity Savings

Debra Okumo

Seattle City Light

Behavioral Models of Free Riders in DSM Programs

Michael Ozog, Donald Waldman*

RCG/Hagier, Bailley

*University of California

A Peak Behind the Mask: An Approach to Revealing Hidden ECM Behavior in Commercial Buildings

Jim Perich-Anderson, Joseph Taffe

Tacoma Public Utilities

In-Home Metering of New Refrigerators

Dan Quigley, William Miller, John Proctor*, Andy Goett**

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

*Proctor Engineering

**Barakat and Chamberlin

Comprehensive Residential Lighting Retrofits: A Case Study

Donna Robinson

Free Lighting Corporation

Coming to Terms with DSM

Carol Sabo, Eric Hirst*

Barakat and Chamberlin

*Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rethinking the Role of Process Evaluation in Demand Side Management (DSM) Resource Acquisition: An Assessment of Current Practice and Strategies for the Future

Vincent Schueler, Maureen Afi Quaid

Washington State Energy Office

Door-to-Door Compact Fluorescent Installations: The LADWP Pilot Program

Mark Shirilau, Victor Espinosa*, George Kast*

Aloha Systems

*LA Department of Water and Power

Evaluation of Boston Edison's Small Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Program

Mary Lynn Spada, Jane Peters*, Andrew Goett*

Boston Edison Company

*Barakat and Chamberlin

Impact Measurements for a Low-Flow Showerhead Program

David Sumia, William Miller*, John Proctor**


*Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

**Proctor Engineering Group

Quantifying Free-Ridership in Four Different Customer Segments

Betty Tolkin, Pamela Rathburn*

New England Power Service Company


Central Air Conditioners: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Cost and Efficiency

Bruce True

California Energy Commission

DEEP: Database on Energy Efficiency Programs

Edward Vine, David Wolcott*

Lawerence Berekely Laboratory


Persistence of Energy Savings: What Do We Know and How Can It Be Ensured?

Edward Vine

Lawrence Berekely Laboratory

The Reliability of Residential Energy Conservation Resources

Dennis White, Marilyn Brown

Oak Ridge National Laboratory