Volume 6

Commercial Building Energy Code Compliance in Washington and Oregon

David Baylon

Ecotope, Inem

Status of State and Local Adoption of Energy Standards for New Commercial Buildings

Jean Boulin, David Conover*


*Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Development of a Thermal Standard for Manufactured Homes

Craig Conner, William Freeborne*

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

*US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Commercial Building Energy Standards Implementation: Myth vs Reality

David Conover, Ron Jarnagin, Diana Shankle

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

A Survey of State Lighting Codes

Robert Davis, Steven Meyers


The Design and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Building Codes in Developing Countries: The Case of Jamaica

Joseph Deringer, Joseph W,. Gilling*

The Deringer Group

*ESMAP, The World Bank

Lessons Learned from Four Years of Operating a Home Energy Rating System and Energy Efficient Mortgage Program

Richard Faesy

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation/Energy Rated Homes of Vermont

Stalled on the Road to the Market: Analysis of Field Experience with a Project to Promote Lighting Efficiency in India

Ashok Gadgil, M. Anjali Sastry*

Lawerence Berekly Laboratory


Consensus National Efficiency Standards for Lamps, Motors, Showerheads and Faucets, and Commercial HVAC Equipment

Howard Geller, Steven Nadel


Savings Verification in Utility Bidding: The Washington State Energy Office Case Study

Mark Hamilton, Steve Harding*

Barakat and Chamberlin

*Stephen Harding Consulting

Creating Institutions for Energy Efficiency R&D: New Roles for States and Utilities

Jeffrey Harris, Arthur Rosenfeld, Carl Blumstein*, John Milhone**

Lawerence Berekly Laboratory



Worldwide Status of Energy Standards for Buildings

Kathryn Janda, John Busch

Lawerence Berekely Laboratory

EPA Energy Star Computers: The Next Generation of Office Equipment

Brian Johnson, Catherine Zoi


Changing the Efficiency in New Buildings: California's Perspective

Jeffrey Johnson

ADM Associates

How Large Is the Cost-Effective Energy Savings Potential in U.S. Buildings?

Paul Komer, Andrew Moyad

US Congress

The Green Lights Program: Progress to Date an Lessons Learned

Robert Kwartin


Achieving Energy Efficiency in Manufactured Housing Through Direct Resource Acquisition

Louis Lee, Ruth Bennett

Bonneville Power Administration

Efficiency Standards for Household Appliances in the Nordic Countries and in EC

Jesper Lorentzen, Vibeke Oestergard

Danish Energy Agency

The National Collaborative on Home Energy Rating Systems and Energy-Efficient Mortgages

John Millhone, Mary-Margaret Jenior, Barbara Farhar*

Department of Energy

*National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Energy Surveys for Buildings: Problems and Perspectives

Peter Nielsen

Danish Energy Agency

Market Transformation by Technology Procurement and Demonstration

Hans Nilsson


Highlights of Recent Projects of the Urban Consortium Energy Task Force

Rita Norton, Mike Lindberg*

City of San Jose

*City of Portland

A Walk on the Demand Side: Thailand Launches Its Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Peter du Pont, Koomchoak Biyaem*

International Institute for Energy Conservation

*Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

Window Performance Rating, Building Codes, and Utility Programs

Susan Reilly, Stephen Carpenter

Enermodal Engineering

Setting Goals for Improving Energy Efficiency in Federal Facilities

Robin Roy

US Congress

The Critical Role of State Housing Finance Agencies in Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Beth Sachs, Allan Hunt*

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

*Vermont Housing Finance Agency

Increasing Energy Efficiency Through Improved Enforcement of Building Energy Codes

Diana Shankle, Ann Lesperance, Richard Fowler

Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Residential Energy Standards - A Crowded Market

Todd Taylor, Craig Conner, David Conover, Merle McBride*

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

*Owens-Corning Fiberglas

Maximizing Energy Efficiency Investments Through Communication Campaigns: How to make Reddy Kilowatt® the Moral Equivalent of Smokey the Bear

Richard Tempchin, William LeBlanc*

Edison Electirc Institute

*Barakat and Chamberlin

A Computer Bulletin Board Service for Energy Professionals

Linda Whitet, Janet Ross Klippstein*

Washington State Energy Office (WSEO)

*Bonneville Power Administration (SPA)