Volume 4

French Family Housing Sector: Energy, Behaviours and Markets

Robert Angioletti

Ademe, Environmental and Energy Management Agency

Are Participants of Demand-Side Management Programs Different?

Stephanie Battles, Wendel Thompson

Energy Information Administration

Measured DSM Energy Savings in New Multifamily Buildings

Pamela Brandis, Marc A. Schuldt*, Jeffrey Romberger*

Bonneville Power Administration

*SBW Consulting, Inc.

Billing Analysis of Low-Income Weatherization Programs - A Case Study: Comparing PRISM to a Multivariate Regression Technique

Meng Chi, David Guinn

Public Service Company of Colorado

Stability and Persistence of Savings in Residential Homes

Phillip Degens

Barakat and Chamberlin, Inc.

Enhanced Billing Analysis in Multifamily Buildings: Making Good Use of Available Data

Margaret Fels, Cathy Reynolds


A Statistically Based Impact Evaluation of a Direct Install Compact Fluorescent Distribution Program

Christopher Granda

New England Power Service Company

Assessing the Long-Term Benefits of Appliance Load Control Strategies

Hassein Haeri, Edward Gervais

Central Maine Power Company

Short-Term Metering for Measuring Residential Energy Savings: Concerns and Recommendations from Comparison with PRISM

William Hill, Michael Blasnik*, Kathleen Greely**, John Randolph**

Ball State University


**Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Energy Savings for Residential Lighting Programs: There's More to It Than Just Counting Lamps

Marvin Horowitz, Mary Lynn Spada*


*Boston Edison Company

Fuel and Technology Choice in Residential End-Use Forecasting: Evaluation and Comparison of Three Models with Respect to Space Heating

Francis Johnson, Jonathan Koarney, James McMahon

Lawerence Berekely Laboratory

1991 Residential Appliance Saturation Survey -- A Profile of the Residential Lighting Load in Northern California

Jim Kelsey, Valarie Richardson

Xenergy, Inc.

*Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Decomposing Daily Energy Load Series into Weather-Sensitive and Non-Weather-Sensitive Components Using Multivariate State Space Time Series Analysis

Lorenzo Kristov, Martha Brook

California Energy Commission

Residential Energy Use in Mexico: Structure, Environmental Impacts, and Savings Potential

Omar Masera, Rafael Friedmann, Odon de Beun

University of California - Berkeley

Emerging Miscellaneous Uses of Electricity in Homes

Alan Meier, Steve Greenberg, Leo Rainer*

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*Davis Energy Group

Using Simulations to Explore the Physical Meaning of PRISM's Parameters

David Minehart, Alan Meier*

University of California - Berkeley

*Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Improving Electricity Peak Demand Forecasts with Measured Data: An Application of PG&E's Residential End-Use Metered Data

Mithra Moezzi, Joseph Eto, Martha Brook*, William Mattson**

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*California Energy Commission

**Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Evaluation of a Boiler/Furnace Replacement Pilot Program: Multivariate Regression Analysis Versus PRISM

Irene Olson, Robert Trost*

Washington Gas

*George Washington University

Estimating the Consumption Impact of a Residential Conservation Program.

Michael Parti, Cynthia Parti

Applied Econometrics

Residential DSM Impact Assessment Using Inbound Telephone Monitoring Devices Mounted on Gas Meters

L. Piessens

Wisconsin Gas Company

End-Use Profiles from Whole House Data: A Rule-Based Approach

John Powers, Mark Martinez

Quantum Consulting, Inc.

*Southern California Edison

Persistence of Savings in Multifamily Public Housing

Ronald Ritschard, Andrew McAllister

Lawrence Berekely Laboratory

Analysis of End-Use Electricity Consumption During Two Pacific Northwest Cold Snaps

Ronald Sands

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Performance of Alaska Craftsman Homes: One Year of the Real World

Richard Seifert

University of Alaska- Fairbanks

Identifying Residential Energy Reduction Potential

A.L. Seskus

Ontario Hydro

Applications of Meta-Analysis to Methods of DSM Research

Daniel Violette, Pamela Greene*, Shel Feldman**, Philip Hanser***


*RCG/Hagler, Bailly, Inc.

**Wisconsin Center for Demand-Side Research

***Electric Power Research Institute