Appliance/Equipment Standards

Minimum efficiency standards for residential appliances and lighting have been one of the most successful policies used by states and the federal government to save energy.

Appliance efficiency standards prohibit the production and import or sale of appliances and other energy-consuming products less efficient than the minimum requirements. These standards not only save energy but also reduce pollutants, improve electric system reliability, and save consumers significant amounts of money over the life of the equipment. Standards help to assure a level playing field by eliminating products with burdensome operating costs and hastening the development of innovations that bring improved performance.

ACEEE continues to advocate cost-effective new standards on a wide range of products at the state and federal level. Often states provide a testing ground for new standards that are later adopted nationally. As laws and regulations are implemented, ACEEE tracks developments and participates at each stage of the process, working closely with other stakeholders to arrive at consensus decisions when possible.

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Find out which states have appliance standards in place with ACEEE's State Energy Efficiency Policy Database. 

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