Utilities Analyst - Energy Efficiency

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The Idaho Public Utilities Commission has an exciting new opportunity for a full-time Utilities Analyst in Boise.  The Commission regulates investor-owned or privately-owned utilities that provide gas, water, electricity, or some telephone services for profit. 

The selected candidate will join the Utilities Division's Technical Analysis section.  The Technical Analysis section is responsible for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of all Demand Side Management (DSM) resources, which includes energy efficiency and demand response. They review potential for new DSM programs and track the impact on resource requirements and utility investments. They review utility forecasts of energy, water, and natural gas usage and will also participate in customer self-generation and rate design cases.   The ideal candidate will have excellent analytical thinking, written, and communication skills.


  • Leads and participates in teams assigned to analyze utility company applications to determine probable effects on the utility, intervenors, and customers, with a focus on energy efficiency cases.
  • Defines issues to be addressed, develops case investigation plans and recommendations. 
  • Researches and compiles information and data to be analyzed during case investigation.
  • Participates in utility stakeholder meetings on energy efficiency and other topics.
  • Evaluates cost-effectiveness of utility resource proposals.
  • Determines likelihood of company-proposed rates producing a predetermined level of revenue increase
  • Evaluates fairness and reasonableness of proposed rate structures
  • Researches regulatory decisions and trends concerning issues in pending cases
  • Evaluates service improvements likely to result from technological changes
  • Evaluates cost responsibilities for plant replacements/additions
  • Designs alternative rate proposals and service options
  • Negotiates settlement of key issues with utility representatives and attorneys
  • Constructs written testimony and exhibits
  • Testifies during public hearings and defends testimony during cross-examination; formulates strategy and questioning for cross-examination of utility and investor's witnesses
  • Designs and recommends procedures that companies should follow to comply with Commission rules and Idaho state law
  • Determines if tariff violations exist
  • Explains commission policy and history of previous commission action


Good knowledge of:

  • Utility industry's services, operating characteristics, or engineering practices
  • Utility rate structures and rate design practices
  • Utility best practices for energy conservation and efficiency


  • Interpreting and applying laws and regulations relative to utility regulation
  • Using computer models to perform mathematical analyses
  • Preparing detailed written reports of study findings and recommendations
  • Making oral presentations before groups

Extra Credit:

  • Experience providing expert testimony before a Commission or in court
  • Experience calculating net present values and cost/benefit analysis

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