Residential Energy Policy Analyst

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The Residential Energy Policy Analyst specifically will be responsible for recommending and effectively implementing policy to deliver energy efficiency to residential customers.

To support California in effectively transitioning the residential efficiency to align with recent policy decisions and to ultimately support the state’s energy efficiency goals and track progress toward these goals, the Analyst will:

  • Conduct complex economic, policy and/or technical analyses and research.
  • Bring a critical thinking and process evaluation skillset to evaluate the efficacy of EE program administrators’ progress on reaching energy savings, carbon reduction, and/or environmental and social justice goals.
  • Review and approve existing and new residential sector EE programs and budgets, manage utility requests and compliance actions via advice letters, analyzing legislative bills, and managing consultant contracts.

In these efforts, the Analyst will collaborate with state and local government agencies that have shared mission in equitably delivering benefits to residential energy customers. The analyst will also take a broad and strategic view, and collaborate with other divisions across the Commission, to add value through considering the bigger picture state and commission goals. Specifically, we will work together to meet California’s goal of a carbon-free electric system by 2045 and through the Commission’s integrated resource planning effort, do so affordably, reliably, and safely.

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