Clean Energy Innovation Policy Advisor

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Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program designs and advocates for policies to put the United States on the fastest, fairest path to net-zero emissions by 2050. To reach this goal, we will need to harness every clean energy technology available today and accelerate innovation to both improve these existing tools and invent those we still need to reach net-zero. We are looking for a Policy Advisor for innovation that will research and draft high-impact written materials to persuade policymakers and those who influence them that significant investment in all potential clean energy innovation technologies that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions are critical to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. The Policy Advisor will analyze and explain policy ideas that support innovation, including federal investment, partnerships with the private sector, reimagining innovation structures, demonstration, deployment, and commercialization.

As the Policy Advisor for innovation, a typical day might include…

  • Conducting in-depth, original-source research and quantitative analysis to better understand and explain the importance and impact of clean energy innovation, and the economic and climate opportunities that could be created by developing and commercializing innovative clean energy technologies;
  • Authoring high-impact written reports, memos, and op-eds that persuasively illuminate the pathways to robust clean energy innovation in the US, with a focus on the economic and climate benefits that come with it;
  • Tracking and analyzing proposed policy ideas and federal legislation, assessing their impact on the development, commercialization, and deployment of new technologies;
  • Overseeing Third Way’s engagement in the congressional appropriations process, including submitting requests and coordinating the outreach of other team members to Hill offices;
  • Engaging with external organizations, including congressional offices, to collaborate on policy ideas to advance clean energy innovation; and,
  • Working with other members of Third Way’s climate and energy, communications, and outreach teams to help plan and execute events and digital collateral around the policies needed to help focus, fund, and scale clean energy innovation.


This might be the job for you, if you…

  • Have a Master’s degree + 1-year work experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience in a relevant field;
  • Are familiar with the federal climate and clean energy policy, with an understanding of innovation funding and policy, the appropriations process, and programs at the Department of Energy that support innovation;
  • Have a passion for taking action to address climate change;
  • Can demonstrate an ability to write clearly on complex topics for an audience of non-experts; and
  • Are comfortable conducting quantitative analysis, including original interpretation and presentation of climate, clean energy, and budget data.

In the Third Way Culture, we are looking for…

  • Self-starters: People who see and seize opportunities, take risks, learn from failure, and will bring a sustained passion for our mission.
  • Collaborators: People who work in teams—sharing ideas, brainstorming, co-authoring products, and advancing its shared priorities.
  • Creators: People who foster divergent thinking; that aren’t afraid to take on the orthodoxies of the left or the right. Team members come up with original insights, find unique ways to look at data, and challenge their preconceptions.
  • Results-oriented: People who function with an organizational commitment to clear objectives, ambitious timelines, accountability for results, and a focus on impact.
  • Respectful: People who embrace the diverse perspectives of everyone and fosters the values of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at all times.


  • Participate in Third Way’s comprehensive onboarding program. You’ll learn about all aspects of Business Operations, which includes benefits, IT, finance, and office operations.
  • Meet your Third Way Buddy, be introduced to the entire staff, and start to learn the TW’s culture.
  • Learn our current processes for payroll, compliance, and labor tracking, and how you will partner with Finance and the rest of the Business Operations team on these processes.
  • Participate in weekly one-on-ones with your manager to ensure you fully understand the expectations of the job.
  • Attend your departmental weekly meetings. You’ll learn about the key goals of your program, how they’re doing, what challenges they face, and how you will contribute.
  • Meet external partners for the Climate and Energy Program’s innovation work.


  • Gain an understanding of each employee’s role and their contribution to the organization.
  • Sit in on a riveting story about Third Way’s history with one of the original founders of Third Way. You will learn about our successes, as well as our failures. This will also afore you the opportunity to learn about future direction.
  • Incorporate TW’s Style Guide and Production process into your work products.
  • Participate in, at least, one of our internal Professional Development trainings or a Center for Fun activity.
  • Learn and experience TW’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect in the workplace.
  • Lead efforts to develop a punchy memo highlighting the role of innovation in climate action/economic recovery.
  • Gain an understanding of the Climate and Energy Program’s engagement in the congressional appropriations process.


  • Feel a sense of comfort and familiarity with the staff, your team, and your work.
  • Continue to attend weekly departmental meetings with a stronger understanding of your team’s strategic goal.
  • Bring new ideas and suggestions to your weekly one-on-ones with your manager.
  • Attend and participate in external functions with other members of your team.
  • Complete your 90-day self-evaluation and performance review with your manager.
  • Partner with your manager to establish your long-term goals for the remainder of the year.

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