Co–Chairs' Introduction

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Welcome to the 2013 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry!

Energy markets are in a constant state of flux, continuous modernization of systems, technologies and methods are needed to confront the challenges of the global marketplace. The ability to quickly adapt to opportunities presented by recent “energy finds” demands forward thinking leadership. This tenth Summer Study keys on that mentality, driven by innovation and advancing technology to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The theme, “Thinking Forward: Leadership in a Global Marketplace” highlights the effectiveness of forward thinking leaders that recognize and implement “potential game changing” energy finds to achieve even greater gains in energy efficiency, environmental performance, and return on investment.

The six Summer Study panels we have for you are organized around this important theme concentrating on innovative technology systems, emerging energy markets, technology development, global competitiveness, trend-setting programs and policies, and development of the next generation of energy leaders. Paper presentations in the panels feature practical information on each subject area and are designed to stimulate participation. Informal afternoon sessions are also planned to enable further exploration and interaction in specific areas of interest.

Additionally, the Summer Study provides participants an opportunity to network with energy leaders, experts, and decision makers from industry, manufacturing, utilities, academia, government, energy consulting, research, and nonprofit institutions from around the world. These invaluable interactions are key to creating a culture of forward thinking that embraces innovation. But no matter how far you’ve come, or what your reason is for participating, our goal is to provide a high-quality program in a casual forum, and critical knowledge to encourage “Thinking Forward” on energy efficiency in industry.

We thank the authors, presenters, panel leaders, paper reviewers, funders, allies, and conference organizers, for their efforts and commitment in creating a program we hope adds value and stimulates your forward thinking. We look forward to your participation.

Welcome to the 2013 ACEEE Summer Study!

Brian Platt, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Joe Vehec, American Iron & Steel Institute