Co–Chairs' Introduction

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Welcome to the 2009 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry. This is the ninth Summer Study devoted to this topic. This year’s theme, Timing is Everything: Moving Investment Decisions to Energy-Efficient Solutions, reflects the opportunities that industry faces. As manufacturing plants age, the market gears up for an incredible wave of investment in new modern capital equipment. This modernization can deliver energy-efficient processes and equipment if companies consider their options and recognize the benefits. As a group, we should be poised to highlight these opportunities at the critical times in the decision making process, and present the information in business-case format. The energy-efficient solution will enhance long-term competitiveness, reduce energy dependence, minimize the disruption caused by energy price volatility, and reduce environmental footprints. The challenge is to recognize the opportunity, assess options and identify energy-efficient solutions, obtain corporate buy-in, and evaluate financing alternatives. The Summer Study brings together experts from private industry, academia, government, consulting, and the nonprofit sector. And while each participant brings his or her own reasons for participating, the overall goal is certainly to provide a forum in which each of you, as you leave here, take with you actionable information to improve industrial energy efficiency.

The Summer Study is organized into six Panels:

  1. Investing in Energy-Saving Technologies
  2. Selling Energy Efficiency in Your Organization
  3. Energy Efficiency: Using Other People’s Money
  4. Regulatory Aspects and Incentives to Energy-Efficient Investments
  5. Energy Efficiency: Investing in a Time of Uncertainty
  6. Energy Efficiency as a Co-Benefit

Paper presentations in these Panels will provide detailed and practical information on their subject areas. Afternoon informal sessions led by conference participants will further explore research and activities related to industrial energy efficiency. Tech Expo exhibits will be available throughout the conference for further sharing of information. Tours of several local industrial sites are organized for Thursday afternoon. The work we do here is important to our companies, our communities, and our world. We thank all of the authors, speakers, Panel Leaders, paper reviewers, exhibitors, funders, organizers, and attendees for the value they add to the Summer Study. We welcome you to the 2009 ACEEE Summer Study, Timing is Everything: Moving Investment Decisions to Energy-Efficient Solutions, and trust that you will find the time and effort to participate rewarding.

Dana Levy, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Raymond Monroe, Steel Founders’ Society of America