Volume 5 - Role of Government and Programs in Industrial Energy Efficiency

Projected Impact of Industrial Assessment Center Program Recommendations on U.S. Manufacturing Energy Consumption

Ahmed Alghandoor, Patrick Phelan, Rene Villalobos, Arizona State University, Dept. of Industrial Engineering

Industry in Vermont: Making It Successful for All of Us

Greg Baker, Dan Gaherty, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation; DeWayne Howell, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Inc.

Canada’s EnerGuide for Industry Website for Energy-Efficient Industrial Products

Glen S. Campbell, Isabelle Saint-Laurent, Kelly-Ann Chisholm, Natural Resources Canada

Role of Energy Efficiency in Insuring Affordable Industrial Energy

R. Neal Elliott, Anna Monis Shipley, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

An Integrated Program Approach to Saving Energy in the Municipal Water and Wastewater Sector

Stephen Fok, Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Ted Jones, Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Achieving Wastewater Market Transformation through Customer-Focused, Customized Services

Alison Hollingsworth, Gillian Eaton, Greg Baker, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

The Impact of Industrial Sector Programs on Electricity Use: Econometric Estimates at the National Level

Marvin J. Horowitz, Demand Research

Government Funded RD&D Program for Industrial Energy Efficiency: California Perspective & Experience

Pramod Kulkarni, California Energy Commission

Industrial Process and Equipment Efficiency in Oregon: An Evaluation of the Energy Trust’s Production Efficiency Program

Marjorie McRae, Jane S. Peters, Research Into Action, Inc.; Steven Scott, MetaResource Group; Ben Bronfman, Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc.

Inside Québec Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Kevin Monte de Ramos, KMDR Research, Inc.

The Challenge of Impacting Process Energy Use: Successes from Using the “Cluster” Program Approach

John Nicol, Craig Schepp, Science Applications International Corporation

Voluntary Agreements for Energy Efficiency or GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry: An Assessment of Programs Around the World

Lynn Price, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Technology Roadmap for Energy Loss Reduction and Recovery: Top Twenty Opportunities

James Quinn, U.S. Department of Energy; Joan Pellegrino, Energetics, Incorporated

Are Voluntary Approaches an Effective Energy Policy Instrument? Insights and Experiences from Europe

Silvia Rezessy, Central European University; Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission DG JRC; Agneta Persson, ÅF-Process A

Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation: The Voluntary Approach to Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency in Canada

Glenda Taylor, Philip B. Jago, Natural Resources Canada