Volume 4 - Industrial Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Issues

Will Emission Trading Promote End-Use Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects?

Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission DG JRC; Silvia Rezessy, Central European University; Mary Jean Bürer, University of St. Gallen

Case Study of the California Cement Industry

Fred Coito, Frank Powell, KEMA; Ernst Worrell, Lynn Price, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Rafael Friedmann, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Great Expectations: Five Projects That Did Not Have their Predicted Market Transformation Effects

Philipp Degens, Jeff Harris, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Benchmarking and Self-Assessment in the Wine Industry

Christina Galitsky, Anthony Radspieler, Jr., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Ernst Worrell, Ecofys; Patrick Healy, Susanne Zechiel, Fetzer Vineyards

Industrial Efficiency as an Economic Development Strategy for South Africa

Mark Howells, University of Cape Town, Energy Research Centre; John A. "Skip" Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A 100 Motor Study: Investigating Pre-EPAct Motors as a Subset of the Industrial Motor Population for its Effects on the Economics of Motor Replacement, Preliminary Results

Nicole M. Kaufman, Daniel Welch, Advanced Energy; Richard R. Johnson, North Carolina State University

Emerging Industrial Innovations to Create New Energy Efficient Technologies

John A. "Skip" Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Marilyn A. Brown, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Reducing California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Product Life-Cycle Optimization

Eric Masanet, Lynn Price, Stephane de la Rue du Can, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Ernst Worrell, Ecofys

GHG Reduction Through Industrial Energy Efficiency in the Developing World: The GERBI and CBLA Projects - Variations on a Theme

George Matheson, Martin Adelaar, Marbek Resource Consultants; Frederick Day, Global Facman Enterprises; Raymundo Aragão, GERBI Operations Manager; Geoff Stiles, CBLA Project Manager

Linking Energy Efficiency and ISO: Creating a Framework for Sustainable Industrial Energy Efficiency

Aimee McKane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Wayne Perry, Kaeser Compressors; Li Aixian, China National Institute of Standards; Li Tienan, China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Products; Robert Williams, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Who and How to Rein China’s Industrial Energy?

Joakim Nordqvist, Lund University

Combining IPPC and Emission Trading: An Assessment of Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction Potentials in the Austrian Paper Industry

Otto Starzer, The Austrian Energy Agency

Residential Computer Usage Patterns, Reuse and Life Cycle Energy Consumption in Japan

Eric Williams, United Nations University; Takuro Hatanaka, Mizuho Securities

Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Petroleum Refining Industry

Ernst Worrell, Ecofys; Christina Galitsky, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Sustainable Development through By-Product Synergy

Qingzhong Wu, K. C. Lee, Zack Bell, The Dow Chemical Company; Andy Mangan, U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development

Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries: An Overview of the Global Environment Facility and its Project Portfolio

Zhihong Zhang, The Global Environment Facility