Volume 3 - Leadership and Management Practices in Industrial Energy Efficiency

Creating Lasting Energy Efficiency Behavior Change through Education & Training

Marge Anderson, Brenda Jessen, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Life Inside a Corporate Energy Consumer

Raymond P. Baker, Rohm and Haas Co.

Examining Factors that Influence the Commitment to Energy Master Planning in Industrial Organizations

Michael L. Brown, Ginny T. Key, Georgia Tech Energy and Environmental Management Center

Sustain the Gain by Filling Gaps in Your Energy Management Program

Tim Dantoin, John Nicol, Tom Giffin, Science Applications International Corporation

"Leadership and Management Practices in Industrial Energy Efficiency": Achieving Real Change in Energy Management/DSM in Industry - Breakthrough or Illusion?

Jonathan Jutsen, EnVINTA Corporation \ Energetics Pty

A Competitive Bidding Program to Encourage Industrial Energy Efficiency

Rick Leuthauser, Dave R. Ahlberg, MidAmerican Energy Company; Edward M. Weaver, First Tracks Consulting; Michael Marr, ThermalSource, LLC

Energy Education and Technical Assistance for Industrial Facility Managers: Assessing Benefits and Energy Impacts

Brian McCowan, Gary Epstein, Mark D’Antonio, John Seryak, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities in the Stone and Asphalt Industry

Satyen Moray, Nathan Throop, John Seryak, Chris Schmidt, Chris Fisher, Mark D’ Antonio, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.

An Analysis of Data at an Industrial Assessment Center for Improving Energy Efficiency

S. M. (Ellie) Najafi, D. Paul Mehta, David Zietlow, Bradley University

Best Practice Benchmarking in Energy Efficiency: Canadian Automotive Parts Industry

Jessica Norup, Glenda Taylor, Natural Resources Canada

Organizational Success Criteria for Effective Energy Management in an Energy Intensive International Holding Company

Wolfgang Posch, Montan University of Leoben, Department of Economics and Business Management

Comparing Efficiency: Internet-Based Benchmarking for Compressed Air Systems

Peter Radgen, Fraunhofer ISI

Metrics-Based Approach to Achieving Sustainable Energy Conservation

Chandan Rao, Graphet, Inc.; Brian Duffy, Crown Equipment Corporation; Gerald Alvey, Samuel Adams Brewery Company

Energy Management Pathfinding: Understanding Manufacturers' Ability and Desire to Implement Energy Efficiency

Christopher Russell, Alliance to Save Energy

Tools to Drive Energy Efficiency Improvements

Ken Tannenbaum, The Dow Chemical Company

Making Pump Systems Matter

Vestal Tutterow, Alliance to Save Energy; Robert Asdal, Hydraulic Institute; Aimee T. McKane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory