Volume 1 - Industrial Energy Efficiency Measures and Technologies

Energy Audit Uncovers Major Energy Savings for Paper Mill

Jerry L. Aue, Aue Energy Consulting; Sue Pierce, Johnson Corporation

Optimization of Industrial Refrigeration Plants: Including a Case Study at Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

Mark D’Antonio, Satyen Moray, Brian McCowan, Gary Epstein, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.; Lisa Drake, Stonyfield Farms; Randal Dixon, Public Service Company of New Hampshire

In Situ, Real Time Measurement of Aluminum, Steel, and Glass Melt Chemistries Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Robert De Saro, Arel Weisberg, Joe Craparo, Energy Research Company

Traditional and Non-Traditional Applications of Condensing Heat Exchangers

John DeFrees, LaBella Associates; Amy Dickerson, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Motivating Industrial Energy Efficiency Through Performance-Based Indicators

Elizabeth Dutrow, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Gale A. Boyd, Argonne National Laboratory

Small Oil-Less Centrifugal Compressors: Bringing Energy Efficiency and Reduced Costs to Chiller Plants

Ben Erpelding, Annika Moman, San Diego Regional Energy Office

Energy Efficiency Measures in the Wood Manufacturing Industry

B. Gopalakrishnan, A. Mate, Y. Mardikar, D.P. Gupta, R.W. Plummer, B. Anderson, West Virginia University, Division of Forestry

Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Processing/Cold Storage Facilities

Bryan Hackett, Sandra Chow, BASE Energy, Inc.; Ahmad R. Ganji, San Francisco State University

Process Water Heating Yields Hot Savings

Mark R. Hamann, ComEd

Wireless Sensors and Networks for Advanced Energy Management

James E. Hardy, Wayne W. Manges, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jose A. Gutierrez, Eaton Corporation; Phani Teja V. Kuruganti, University of Tennessee

Savings Estimates for Dust Collection System Controls: Strategies Used and Lessons Learned

Jonathan Kleinman, Optimal Energy, Inc.; Darrell Marley, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Key Best Practices for Process Energy Use in Four Energy Intensive Industries

Craig Schepp, John Nicol, Science Applications International Corporation

Modeling and Simulation of Air Compressor Energy Use

Chris Schmidt, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.; Kelly Kissock, University of Dayton

Lean Energy Analysis: Guiding Industrial Energy Reduction Efforts to the Theoretical Minimum Energy Use

John Seryak, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.; Kelly Kissock, University of Dayton

The Promise of All-Electric Injection Molding Machines: A Promise Kept?

Michael Socks, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Cutting Energy Costs and Speeding Manufacture of Cosmetic Formulations Using Novel Mixing and Monitoring Methods

Jeffrey Swaine, Kolmar Laboratories, Inc.; Edward D’Errico, Sigma Engineering, Inc.; Henry Weber, Alan Ganz, H&W Systems, Inc.

E2 and P2 Improvement Opportunities in Secondary Aluminum Processing: A Case Study

Matthew D. Swanson, Robert A. Miller, Jonathan J. Aardsma, Michael J. Chimack, University of Illinois at Chicago, Energy Resources Center

Integrating Fan System Best Practices and Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT) Programmatically into Motor Management Strategies

Ronald G. Wroblewski, Productive Energy Solutions, LLC; Anthony Radspieler, Jr., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Mitchell Olszewski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory