Volume 2

Financing Combined Heat and Power: Techniques for Addressing Barriers and Opportunities

Charles Bartsch, Northeast-Midwest Institute

Environmental Benefits and Regulation of Distributed Generation

Joel Bluestein, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.

The Penetration of Small Scale Cogeneration Systems in Japanese Industry from 1985 to 1998

David Bonilla, Atsushi Akisawa, Takao Kashiwagi, Tokyo University of A&T

Operating Strategies for Campus Cogeneration System in a Turbulent Utility Market

Song Deng, Dan Turner, Tom Hagge, James Harless, Todd Bading, Texas A&M University

Electricity Production from Natural Gas Pressure Recovery Using Expansion Turbines

Bryan Lehman, Ernst Worrell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

High Temperature Reciprocating Engines: A Key to Cost Effective CHP

Richard W Leigh, Consulting Engineer

A New Multistage Biofuel Drying System Integrated into an Industrial CHP-Power Plant: Description of Process and Performance Calculations

Jukka-Pekka Spets, Pekka Ahtila, Helsinki University of Technology

System Implications of Distributed Generation: Economic and Environmental Externalities

Neil Strachan, Hadi Dowlatabadi, Carnegie Mellon University

Program Delivery for Canadian Industry: A Systematic Approach to Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency

Margaret R. Bailey, Natural Resources Canada

A New European Initiative to Improve Efficiency of Motor System: The Motor Systems Energy Efficiency Challenge Programme

Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission, Directorate General Energy and Transport

Forging Strategic Business Partnerships: Models for Energy Efficiency Productivity Enhancements

Paul A. DeCotis, Helen Kim, Jennifer Ellefsen, Mark C. Coleman, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

How Well Do Voluntary Agreements and Programs Perform At Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency?

Jeff Dowd, Kenneth Friedman, U.S. Department of Energy; Gale A. Boyd, Argonne National Laboratory

ENERGY STAR¨ Has New Resources to Help Manufacturers Achieve High Energy Performance

Elizabeth Dutrow, Thomas Hicks, US. Environmental Protection Agency

Experiences and Lessons from the Wisconsin Industrial Focus On Energy Program: Transformation in Industrial Energy Efficiency Markets

Thomas M Giffin, John Nicol, Science Applications International Corporation; Jolene Anderson Sheil, Wisconsin Department of Administration; Dick Spellman, GDS Associates

Execution Experience with the Dutch Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Covenant between the Government and the Chemical Industry

W. Jeffrey Howard, Phillip Townsend Associates

Improving Program Designs for Large Customers: The Importance of Identifying Their Strategic Needs and Wants

Angela Jones, Pierre Landry, Southern California Edison Company; Shel Feldman, Shel Feldman Management Consulting; Michael Sedmak, Quantum Consulting, Inc.

Effective Demand Side Management with Prescriptive Incentives at Union Gas

Saad Kiyani, Helen Platis, Union Gas

Developing Energy-Efficient Products in Different Economic Regimes: A Primer For Market Transformation Strategies

Denise Knight, Romeo Pacudan, International Institute for Energy Conservation

Tracking Program Performance Using Innovative Reporting Processes

Angela Maier, Sustainable Energy Development Authority

Defining the Opportunity to Brand Premium Efficient Motors

Melissa A. Mastrianni, Ted Jones, Consortium for Energy Efficiency; Jon Linn, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership; Lynda Butek, Electrical Apparatus Service Association

Prospects for Industrial Technology Transfer in Chinese Cement Industry

Joakim Nordqvist, Lars J. Nilsson, Lund University

Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy in China

Lynn Price, Ernst Worrell, Jonathan Sinton, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Jiang Yun, China Energy Conservation Association

Revisiting 32 Technically Successful Projects Supported by the Department of Energy, Office of Industrial Technologies

James E. Reed, Energetics, Incorporated; Kenneth M Friedman, US. Department of Energy

Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships Through Effective Visions and Roadmaps

Sally Sleeper, Scott Hassell, Susan Resetar, RAND

Potential Impact of Energy Efficiency Policies in U.S. Industry: Results from the Clean Energy Futures Study

Ernst Worrell, Lynn Price, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Evaluation of Markets and Efficiency of Fractional Polyphase Motors

Bruce S. Benkhart, Applied Proactive Technologies, Inc.; R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; William E. Grimm, Southern California Edison

The Impact that Voltage Variations Have on AC Induction Motor Performance

Austin H. Bonnett, Fellow IEEE; Rob Boteler, US. Electrical Motors, Emerson Motors

Compressed Air Load Reduction Approaches and Innovations

Mark D 'Antonio, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc., Gary Epstein, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc., Peter Bergeron, Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.

Implementing Motor Decision Plans

R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Ronald G. Wroblewski, Productive Energy Solutions, LLC

Extended Industrial Energy Assessments Supported by Monitoring

Warren M Heffington, James A. Eggebrecht, Texas A&M University

A Validated Model of a Complex Dust Collection System Using Mathcad

David Jones, Texas A &M University; B. K. Hodge, Mississippi State University

Motor Decisions Matter - A Motor Industry Collaborative Aims to Transform Corporate Decision-Making

"Ted Jones, Consortium for Energy Efficiency; Jon Linn, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships; Lynda Butek, Brithinee Electric; Linda Raynes, Electrical Apparatus Service Association; Thomas H Bishop, Longo Industries; John Jennings, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance"

Energy Efficiency Improvements to a Water Distribution System, Galati, Romania

D. L. Korn, The Cadmus Group, Inc.; A. Stratulat, Apaterm

Making Industrial Energy Efficiency Mainstream and Profitable: Where Public Benefit and Private Interests Intersect

Aimee T. McKane, Vestal Tutterow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Chris Cockrill, U.S. Department of Energy

The China Motor Systems Energy Conservation Program: A Major National Initiative to Reduce Motor System Energy Use in China

Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Wang Wanxing, Beijing Energy Efficiency Center; Peter Liu, International Institute for Energy Conservation; Aimee McKane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

SAV-AIR Ñ A Unique Public/Private Partnership for Industrial Compressed Air Market Transformation

Steven Scott, MetaResource Group; Philipp Degens, Blair Collins, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance; Jennifer J. Stout, Pacific Energy Associates

Benchmarking an Energy Evaluation Tool for Chilled Water Systems

Michael Stocki, Dragoljub Kosanovic, Lawrence Ambs, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Going with the Flow: Life Cycle Costing for Industrial Pumping Systems

Vestal Tutterow, Aimee McKane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Gunnar Hovstadius, ITT Fluid Technology Corporation

Estimating Maintenance and Productivity Benefits of Motor Decision Policies

Ronald G. Wroblewski, Productive Energy Solutions, LLC; R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Tari Emerson, Charter Steel