Volume 1

Johnson & Johnson Strives to Implement Best Practices by Year 2000

Harry A. Kauffman, Johnson & Johnson

Climate Wise Achievement Awards: A Profile of the Award Winners

Keith Martin, Juanita Haydel, ICF Kaiser Consulting Group; Pamela Herman Milmoe, US Environmental Protection Agency

Strategy for Technology Innovation in the U.S. Aluminum Industry

Ross Brindle, Nancy Margolis, Energetics, Incorporated; Sara Dillich, US. Department of Energy

Crane Washington: A Model For Metal Casting

Scott C. Helzer, Metal Casting Research Center - University of Northern Iowa; Diane DeVaul, Northeast-Midwest Institute

Metal Casting Extended Assessments

Lawrence Ambs, Dragoljub Kosanovic,University of Massachusetts Industrial Assessment Center; Michael Muller, Donald Kasten, Rutgers University Office of Industrial Productivity and Energy Assessments

Best Practices in Energy Management: Experience with lAC Assessments in the Metals Fabrication Industry

William J. Clark, Leanne K. Birkmire, University City Science Center

The NICE³-Whyco Technologies Partnership: Saving Energy, Dollars, and the Environment in the Metal Plating Industry

Gregory P. Sullivan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Robert Hyner, Peter Masella, Whyco Technologies, Inc.

An Investigation of Air Emission Levels from Distinct Iron and Steel Production Processes with the Adoption of Pollution Control and Pollution Prevention Alternatives

Marcio Macedo Costal, Roberto Schaeffer, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Production, Energy, and Carbon Emissions: A Data Profile of the Iron and Steel Industry

Stephanie J. Battles, Eugene M. Bums, Robert K. Adler Energy Information Administration

Energy Efficiency in Pumping Systems: Experience and Trends in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Vestal Tutterow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The Path to Agenda 2020: Progress, Products, and Opportunities

Valri Robinson, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Industrial Technologies; Shawna McQueen Energetics, Incorporated; Louise Dove, Energetics, Incorporated

Deinking of Recycled Pulps Using Column Flotation: Energy and Environmental Benefits

S. Chaiarrekij, H. Dhingra, B.V. Ramarao, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC): the dynamics of a 24 year partnership between government and industry — Sub-sub-title: "A program for all reasons"

Philip Be Jago, Natural Resources Canada

Creating Demand for Energy Efficiency in Australian Industry

Daniel Cooper, Ronlyn Duncan, Bruce Precious, Andrew Williamson, Nicole Workum, Sustainable Energy Development Authority

Industries of the Future in Perspective

Kenneth Friedman, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Peggy Podolak, Office of Policy, U.S. Department of Energy

Industrial Energy Performance Indicator Reports

Vaughn Munroe, Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency

Role of Development Banks in Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency: India Case Studies

Jayant Sathaye, Ashok Gadgil, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Manas Mukhopadhyay, Dalal Consultants and Engineers

Industrial Energy Efficiency in Light of Climate Change Negotiations: Comparing Major Developing Countries and the U.S.

Dian Phylipsen, Lynn Price, Ernst Worrell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Kornelis Blok, Utrecht University

Differentiation of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Objectives Based on Differences in Energy Efficiencies in Heavy Industry

Heleen Groenenberg, Dian Phylipsen, Komelis Blok, Utrecht University

Development of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency Potential in the Brazilian Industrial Sector According to the Integrated Energy Planning Model (IEPM)

Mauricio Tiomno Tolmasquim, Alexandre Salem Szklo, Claude Cohen, Rio de Janeiro Federal University

The CO² Scheme for Industry: The Energy Audit

Finn Josefsen, Danish Energy Agency

Evaluations of the Danish Agreement System

Mikael Togeby, Elkraft; Katja Johannsen, AKF, Institute of Local Government Studies - Denmark; Christina Ingerslev, Dansk Energi Analyse; Kamilla Thingvad, lens Madsen, Danish Energy Agency

Industrial Companies' Demand for Energy Based on a Micro Panel Data-base — Effects of Coal Taxation and Agreements on Energy Savings

Thomas Bue Bjorner, Mikael Togeby, AKF, Institute of Local Government Studies - Denmark

A Process Oriented Analysis of the "Declaration of German Industry on Global Warming Prevention" and Its Implications for The Role of Voluntary Approaches In Post-Kyoto Climate Policy

Stephan Ramesohl, Kora Kristof, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment Energy

The Use of Long Term Agreements to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector: Overview of the European Experiences and Proposal for a Common Framework

Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission

Monitoring and Verification of Long-Term Voluntary Approaches in the Industrial Sector: An Initial Survey

J. Mazurek, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; B. Lehman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Voluntary Agreements in Industry: A Comparative Description of the Process and a Normative Analysis

Kirsten Hansen, Anders Larsen, AKF, Institute of Local Government Studies - Denmark

Enhancing Shareholder Value: Making a More Compelling Energy Efficiency Case to Industry by Quantifying Non-Energy Benefits

Miriam Pye, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Aimee McKane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Total Assessment Audits (TAA) in Iowa

William G. Haman, Iowa Energy Center

Determining the Full Value of Industrial Efficiency Programs

Patrick Lilly, Regional Economic Research, Inc.; Dennis Pearson, Seattle City Light

Market Potential for Operations and Maintenance Programs in the Northeast

Dan Barbieri, RLW Analytics, Inc.; Dorothy Conant, David Jacobson, NEES companies; Roland Clarke, Northeast Utilities

Acquiring Competitive Power Supplies in the New Restructured Electricity Markets — Aggregation Opportunities, Choosing the Right Supplier, and Negotiating Contracts

Kristen L. Kelley, Henwood Energy Services, Inc

Electricity Restructuring, Innovation, and Efficiency

Julie Fox Gorte, Tina M Kaarsberg, The Northeast-Midwest Institute; John A. "Skip" Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

States Industries of the Future

James E. Quinn, U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Efficiency Education at PETE Community and Technical Colleges

Karin Winters, Paul Dickinson, Partnership for Environmental Technology Education

Building Partnerships - The Ohio Materials Exchange

Susan K. Covey, Susan K. Covey & Associates

Recycling of Plastics in Germany

Norbert von Thienen, Thienen Consulting; Martin Patel, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

Improving the Efficiency of Fossil Carbon Use for Materials

Martin Patel, Norbert von Thienen, Eberhard Jochem, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

The Penetration of Chemical Industry Technologies—Evidence from the 1991 and 1994 MECS

Scott L. Freeman, Joseph M Roop, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Plastics Recycling and Waste Management in the U.S.

P. M Subramanian, S.P.M Technologies

Historical Impacts and Future Trends in Industrial Cogeneration

Joel Bluestein, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.; Marie Lihn, Gas Research Institute

An Integrated Assessment of the Energy Savings and Emissions-Reduction Potential of Combined Heat and Power

Tina M Kaarsberg, Northeast-Midwest Institute; R. Neal Elliott, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Mark Spurr, International District Energy Association

The Adoption of a Decentralized Energy Technology: The Case of UK Engine Cogeneration

Neil D. Strachan, Hadi Dowlatabadi, Carnegie Mellon University

Carbon Emissions Reduction Potential in the US Chemicals and Pulp and Paper Industries by Applying CHP Technologies

Marta Khrushch, Ernst Worrell, Lynn Price, Nathan Martin, Dan Einstein, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

CHP — A Revolution in the Making

David Green, UK CHP Association

Federal Strategies to Increase the Implementation of Combined Heat and Power Technologies in the United States

John (Skip) Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; William Parks, US. Department of Energy; Jennifer Schilling, Richard Scheer, Energetics, Inc.

Life Cycle Assessment of a Rock Crusher

A. H Landfield, Ecobalance Inc.; V. Karra, Nordberg Inc.

A Life Cycle Comparison of Electricity from Biomass and Coal

Margaret K. Mann, Pamela L. Spath, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Efficiency Parameters for Variable Frequency Drives on Pumps in Open Systems

Sharon Jones, Peter J. Barrer, Demand Management Institute, Inc.

We've Been Testing Water Pumps For Years Has Their Efficiency Changed?

Thomas Conlon, GeoPraxis, Inc.; Glen Weisbrod, Economic Development Research Group; Shahana Samiullah, Southern California Edison

Zero-Discharge: An Application of Process Water Recovery Technology in the Food Processing Industry

Stephen Fok, Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Bob Moore, Tri Valley Grower Oberti Olive Processing Plant

Fluid Flow Systems Analysis To Save Energy

Paresh S. Parekh, Unicade Inc.

The United States Industrial Electric Motor Systems Market Opportunities Assessment: Key Results

Mitchell Rosenberg, XENERGY Inc.; Mitchell Olszewski, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems; Paul Scheihing, U. S. Department of Energy

Compressed Air Challenge: Market Change from the Inside Out

Aimee T. McKane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Joseph P. Ghislain, Ford Motor Land Services; Karen Meadows, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Technology Strategies for the U.S. Glass Industry

Jack Eisenhauer, Energetics, Inc.; Theodore Johnson, U.S. Department of Energy

Operations and Maintenance in the Glass Container Industry

Dan Barbieri, RLW Analytics, Inc.; David Jacobson, NEES companies

Government and Industry - Can We dance?

Frederic Quan, Coming Incorporated

Power For Productivity

Peter Tedesko, Gerry Kuhel, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton Corporation

Variable Frequency Microwave Moisture Leveling

Mark R. Hamann, CornEd

Production of Levulinic Acid and Use as a Platform Chemical for Derived Products

J J Bozell, L. Moens, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; D. C. Elliott, Y Wang, G. G. Neuenscwander, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; S. W Fitzpatrick, Biofine, Inc.; R. J. Bilski, Chemical Industry Services, Inc.; J. L. Jarnefeld, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Hill Air Force Base Case Study: New Lighting Technology Installation

John W. Adams, CESlWay International, Inc.

Why Is the Treasure Still Buried? Breaching the Barriers to Compressed Air System Efficiency

Fred Gordon, Pacific Energy Associates, Inc.; Jane Peters, Research Into Action, Inc.; Jeff Harris, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance; Bill Scales, Scales Air Compressor

Biomechanical Pulping: A Mill-Scale Evaluation

Masood Akhtar, Biopulping International, Inc.; Gary M Scott, State University of New York; Ross E. Swaney, University of Wisconsin; David F. Shipley, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Fan and Pump Systems: The Untapped Energy Savings

Ingo Bensch, Doug Presny, Energy Center of Wisconsin

The Use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Joel Asrael, Juanita Haydel, ICF Kaiser Consulting Group; Pam Herman Milmoe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Industrial Technical Assistance Providers Cooperate To Serve Industry

Jon Biemer, Bonneville Power Administration; Rob Penney, Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program; Carl Imhoff, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Methodology for the Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Program for the Industrial Sector in Brazil

Jose de Alencar Medeiros Filho, Carlos Eduardo de Gusmao Lima, Ana Maria Barbosa Silva, Eletrobras-PROCEL

Industrial Energy Use Benchmarking

Chyi Sun, Matt Williamson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Industrial Energy Profiles and Trends - 1985 to 1997 and Beyond

Amelia Elson, Joel Bluestein, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.; Marie Lihn, Gas Research Institute

Energy End-Use Analysis and DSM Potential Estimation of Industrial Sector

Chang-Ho Rhee, Jong-Jin Park, In-Seung Jo, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Experience with Implementing Energy Management through Networking in Norway

H.E. Helgerud, H.J. Mydske, Institute for Energy Technology

Potential For Energy Conservation And Reduction Of Coal Emissions In The Brazilian Cement Industry Through 2015

Jeferson Borghetti Soares, Mauricio Tiomno Tolmasquim, Rio de Janeiro Federal University

Evaluation of the Environmental Impacts from APCA/CW Partnership

Pam Herman Milmoe, Martin Ross, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency