Volume 2

Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in the Texas Industrial Sector

Jay W. Zarnikau, Lee A. Reed, PIanergy, Inc.; Gregory A. Wikler, Peter F. Kyricopoulos, NEOS Corporation; Ahmad Faruqui, EDS Management Consulting Services; Jim Kumana, Linnhoff March, Inc.

Using the Long-Term Industrial Energy Forecasting (LIEF) Model to Assess Core Industrial DSM Potential for Southern California Gas Company

Robert J. Mowris, Robert Mowris and Associates; Marc Ross, University of Michigan and Environmental and Informational Sciences Division; Ron Kent, Southern California Gas Company

Energy Efficiency and Use in the Basic Industries

Joan L. Pellegrino, Energetics, Incorporated

Promotion of Energy Efficiency Through Environmental Compliance - Lessons Learned from a Southern California Case Study

Peter F. Kyricopoulos, NEOS Corporation; Ahmad Faruqui, Electronic Data Systems; Ishtiaq Chisti, Southern California Edison

Profile of Industrial Wastes

Jack Eisenhauer, Energetics, Incorporated

Environmentally Conscious Technologies

Jane M. Shaw, Marie Angelopoulos, Stephen L. Buchwalter, Sung K. Kang, Laura L. Kosbar, Jeffrey D. Gelorme, David A. Lewis, Alfred Viehbeck, IBM, TJWatson Research Center

Improving Industrial Energy Audit Analyses

Barney L. Capehart, Lynne C. Capehart, University of Florida BADe IIAC

Quantification of Electricity Savings for Industrial Applications Through on-Site Verification and Metering

Mark S. Martinez, Southern California Edison Company; W. Craig Racine, Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc.

Process Evaluation of Three Gas Utility Commercial Industrial Demand Side Management Programs

David G. Hill, Shawn D. Intorcio, James I. Zoellick, David A. Nichols, Tellus Institute

Brazilian Industry's Energy Use: Gains from Energy-Efficiency Improvements

Mauricio F. Henriques Jr., Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia - INT; Roberto Schaeffer, COPPE - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Energy Efficiency of Brickmaking in China

Zhihong Zhang, University of Pennsylvania

International Comparison of Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Cement Industry

Ernst Worren, Princeton University; Rob Smit, Dian Phylipsen, Kornelis Blok, Utrecht University; Frank van der Vleuten, Jaap Jansen, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation

Potential Energy Conservation from Insulation Improvements in U.S. Industrial Facilities: Estimates Based on EADC Industrial Energy Audits

William Prindle, Paul Parfomak, Barakat & Chamberlin; Ted Jones, The Alliance to Save Energy

Don't Neglect the Building! Examining the Energy Conservation Potential for Industrial Buildings

Michaela M. Abraham, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Heat Recovery Recommendations At Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Plants

Lawrence L. Ambs, Klaus-Peter Blank, J. Edward Sunderland, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Strategies to Achieve Voluntary and Sustainable Market Transformation in Industrial Electric Motor System Markets

Jeffery Dowd, Henry Kenchington, U.S. Department of Energy; N. Richard Friedman, Carl Burrell, Resource Dynamics Corporation; Neal Elliott, ACEEE; Bruce Meberg, Easton Consultants

Transforming Technical Markets: Agents of Influence in the Wisconsin Motor Market

Karen L. Meadows, Linda R. Okstein, John H. Reed, Hagler Bailly

Understanding Industrial Customers: The Process Model

Curt D. Puckett, RLWAnalytics, Inc.

Industrial Demand-Side Management in Transition

David A. Nichols, Shawn D. Intorcio, Tellus Institute

Industrial Competitiveness: Utility/Industry Partnership Successes

William M. Smith

Seattle City Light Networks to Develop Industrial Efficiency Projects

Tim M. Newcomb, Seattle City Light

Bridging the Gap: The Role of Industry Consultants

Bruce Appelbaum, Chem Systems Inc.

Technology, Energy Intensity, and Productivity in the Cement Industry: A Plant-Level Analysis

M.J. Niefer, Pacific Northwest Laboratory and U.S. Bureau of the Census

Energy Efficiency in the Printing and Publishing Industries

Nancy G. Margolis, Joan L. Pellegrino, Energetics, Incorporated

Productivity, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Compliance in Integrated Pulp & Paper and Steel Plants

Gale Boyd, Argonne National Laboratory; Jeffrey Dowd, James Quinn, U.S. Department of Energy; Jennifer Friedman, Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Speed Control in Industrial Refrigeration: Theory, Application & Case Studies

Marcus H. Wilcox, Cascade Energy Engineering

Thermoeconomic Optimization of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems Using Atom Bombs to Kill Ants?

Paula J. Flack, M.K. Shmp, University of Utah; P.L. Case, M.E. Case, R.W. Gregory, etc Group, Inc.

Further Examination of Participation in Energy Management and DSM Programs in the Manufacturing Sector

Robert K. Adler, Energy Information Administration

Understanding the Energy Efficiency Investment Decisions of Smaller Manufacturers: A Report on a Series of Energy Efficiency Industry Roundtables

Ted Jones, Malcolm Verdict, Alliance to Save Energy

Industrial Energy Intensity: Modeling Decision-Making

Gale A.Boyd, Marc H. Ross, Argonne National Laboratory

Comparative Experience Under Industrial DSM Programs

David R. Wooley, Pace Energy Project

Lessons Learned from NMPC’s Subscription Service Program for Large Industrial Customers

K. Heune Lee, Michael Po Gallaher, Research Triangle Institute; Timothy E. McClive, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Psssssssssssssssssst....... Is That Our Air Compressors Operating Again? A US and Canadian Air Compressor Market Assessment

Adolph Gus Lopez, Moon Lopez & Associates

Compressed Air System Audit Software

Eric G. Bessey, Richard D. McGill, George M. Wheeler, Oregon State University; Karl Vischer, Bonneville Power Administration

Real World Energy Experiences in the Use of Compressors and Compressed Air Systems

R. Scot Foss, Plant Air Technology

Energy Efficient Motors and Food Processing: Rebates After Epact?

Katherine L. Johnson, Sharon Baggett, Barakat & Chamberlin, Inc.; Jane Peters, Oakland, CA; Thomas Cheater, Delmarva Power & Light

Development of a National Industrial Electric Motor Systems Strategy and Program

Paul Scheihing, Henry Kenchington, Richard Been, Chris Cockrill, Julia Oliver; U.S. Department of Energy; Mitch Olszewski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; AI Puente, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A Methodology to Estimate the Cost Savings and Benefits of Improved Efficiency in Industrial Capital Motor Stock

Kevin L. Stamber, Purdue University

Changes in Energy Intensity in the Manufacturing Sector, 1985-1991

Mark A. Schipper, Michael J. Margreta, Energy Information Administration; Jean M. Paananen, Pacific Northwest Laboratories

Long-Term Trends in U.S. Manufacturing Energy Consumption: The Effects of Stable Prices

William H. Golove, Lee Schipper, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Measuring Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector of the United States' Economy: A ·Beginning

Stephanie J. Battles, Energy Information Administration

Energy Use and Intensity in the Industrial Sector, 1972-1991

D. B. Belzer, Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Defining Customer Solutions Through Electrotechnologies: A Case Study of Texas Utilities Electric

Dallas Frandsen, Clyde S. King, Texas Utilities Electric; Peter F. Kyricopoulos, NEOS Corporation; Ahmad Faruqui, EDS Corporation; Gregory F. Collins, Barakat & Chamberlin

Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency (Prime)

Richard G. Ogurick, Northeast Utilities Service Company

Innovative Equipment to Decoat Scrap Aluminum

William Reinhardt, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority; Robert De Saro, Energy Research Co.

Tracking the Transformation: The New Crop of Industrial-Sector Demand-Side Programs and Services

Paul C. Meagher, Electric Power Research Institute; Robert Blevins, Plexus Research, Inc.

Industrial Program Design: The Ideal Utility Approach

Cynthia L. Blazina, Seattle City Light

Improving Economic Competitiveness Through Energy Efficiency

Brian Platt, Brian M. Henderson, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Industrial Demand Side Management Status Report - Synopsis

M.E.F. Hopkins, R. L. Conger, T. J. Foley, J. W. Parker, M. Placet, L. J. Sandahl, G. E. Spanner, M. G. Woodruff, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; D. Norland, Alliance to Save Energy

Opportunities for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Repaired and Rewound Motors

Vincent O. Schueler, Johnny Douglass, Washington State Energy Office

Efficiency Potential and Data Development for Industrial Electric Motor-Driven Systems

Gary J. Epstein, Energy and Resource Solutions; Steven P. Manwell, XENERGY Inc.

Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Motor Efficiency Without Removing Motor from Service

J. Kueck, P. Otaduy, J. Hsu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Evolution of Motor and Variable Frequency Drive Technology

Dale E. Roethemeyer, David R. Yankaskas, Emerson Electric

Industrial Applications of Information Technology - Cost-Effective Ways to Enhance Energy Efficiency

Anders MArtensson, Lund University

Presenting and Applying Industrial End-Use Metered Data

Leslie A. Carlson, RLW Analytics, Inc.; Wilbur Johnson, Alabama Power Company

Microwave Processing of Thin Sheet Materials

Alfred Viehbeck, David A. Lewis, Jane M. Shaw, IBM Corporation

Modeling U.S. Industrial Lighting Energy Consumption and Savings Potential

Barbara A. Atkinson, James E. McMahon, Jiang Lin, Diane C. Fisher, Steven J. Pickle, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Frank A. Monforte, Regional Economic Research, Inc.

Energy Efficiency, Industrial Competitiveness and Electro-Technologies: Turning Technology Into a Competitive Advantage — the Tritech Approach

Gerry J. Kuhel, A&C Enercom

National Industrial Competitiveness Through Energy, Environment, and Economics (Nice³)

U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Using Data Visualization to Better Understand Electric Load and End-Use Data

Jedd L. Parker, RLW Analytics, Inc.

The Promotion of Energy-Efficient Industrial Technologies Via CADDET

Marilyn A. Brown, Julia Shaver, Melissa K. Voss, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ITEMS: Industrial Technology and Energy Modeling System

Scott Freeman, Pacific Northwest Lab

Hazardous Source and Waste Reduction in Metals Finishing Industry by Hybrid Membrane Separation Process

Manish Goel, Ashish Kulkarni, Steven Mo Cramer, William No Gill, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Climate Wise

Pamela Herman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Marsha Quinn, Gerald Kotas, U.S. Department of Energy