Volume 1

Background Paper on Energy Efficiency and the Pulp and Paper Industry

Kenneth R. Gilbreath, Chesapeake Paper Products Company; Ashok Gupta, Natural Resources Defense Council; Eric D. Larson, Lars J. Nilsson, Princeton University

Energy Efficiency in the Metals Fabrication Industries

David A. Michaelsonm, The Boeing Company; F. T. Sparrow, Purdue University

Chemicals Sector Team Study

Kenneth E. Nelson, KENTEC Incorporated; Charles D. Holland, The Texas Institute for Advancement of Chemical Technology; Ted Jones, The Alliance to Save Energy

Energy Generation and Use in the Kraft Pulp Industry

Alex Orr, H.A.Simons Ltd

Recognizing and Defining Productivity Gains as Part of Electrical DSM Installations in the Paper Industry

Allan E. Ingram, Bonneville Power Administration

Electrical Energy Conservation in Mechanical Pulping and Opportunities for Load Shifting

Michael Jackson, Sunds Defibrator; George N. Ionides, Temanex; Dave M. Mackie, H.A. Simons

Industrial DSM - Cost Reduction or Competitive Advantage?

Jon P. Hessen, Paul R. Willis, Willis Energy Services Ltd.

Energy Issues of New York's Forest Products Industry

Brian M. Henderson, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

The Energy, Environment, and Manufacturing Technology Access Strategy for Small and Mid-Sized Metal Fabricators

Diane L. De Vaul, Northeast-Midwest Institute

Measuring Energy Efficiency Gains: Metals Fabrication

Mindi J. Farber, Energetics

A View of the U.S. Metal Casting Industry

Sayed A. Azimi, Energetics, Inc.; Douglas Kaempf, DOE

The EADC Program Doe Helping Small and Medium-Size Manufacturers

F. William Kirsch, William J. Clark, Merritt C. Kirk, Jr., Industrial Technology and Energy Management

Energy Conservation Investments of Firms: Analysis of Investments in Energy Efficiency in the Netherlands in the 1980's

lacco C.M. Faria, Kornelis Blok, Utrecht University

Setting Priorities for Pollution Prevention R&D in the Chemical Industry

Bruce Cranford, U.S. Department of Energy; Jack Eisenhauer, Energetics, Incorporated

Audit Implementation Analysis for a Chemical Plant

Michael L. Brown, Michael E. Ourta, Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute