Volume 9

Measured Savings in Air Conditioning from Shade Trees and White Surfaces

Hashem Akbari, Haider Taha, David Sailor, Willem Bas*

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Fuel Switching in Integrated Resource Planning: The Method and the Madness

Robert Anderson, Anne Draper

Bonneville Power Administration

Direct Environmental Impacts of Demand-Side Management

Steve Bernow, Frank Ackerman, Bruce Biewald, Mark Fulmer, Karen Shapiro, Kristin Wulfsberg

Tellus Institute

Least Cost Planning at the Margin: Externalities vs. Rate Impacts

Daniel Bloyer, Michael Bull

Bonneville Power Administration

Enhanced Opportunities for Conservation and Renewable Energy Activities Through Establishment of Emissions Trading Programs

Joseph Bourg, Karen Poff, Stuart Schara, Guy Nelson

NEOS Corporation

Western Area Power Administration

PCB Ballast Disposal

Mitchell Dong, Srin McCagg

FulCircle Ballast Recyclers

Environmental Objectives in Power Production Unit Commitment and Dispatch

Terje Gjengedal, Stale Johansen*, Chris Marnay**

University of Trondheim

*Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute

**Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Factors Critical to the Success of an Emissions Trading Program

Erik Haites, Julie Hashem

Barakat and Chamberlin

The Environmental and Economic Value of DSM: A National Level Assessment

Juanita Haydel, Sikander Daryanani, David Kathan, Ira Shavel

ICF Resources Incorporated

A Reference Scenario for Energy Use and CO2 Emissions by the Residential Sector in the United Kingdom

George Henderson, Les Sharrock


Analysis of Overall Environmental Impact from CFC Alternatives in Commercial Building Cooling Applications

William Kopko

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

How Much Will Pollution Reduction in Krakow Cost?

Jerome LaMontagne, Barbara Pierce, Krzysztof Gorlich*

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Polish Ministry of the Environment/Krakow Voivodeship

Compact Fluorescents, Radioisotopes and Solid Waste

Warren Liebold, Lindsay Audin*

New York City Department of Environmental Protection

*Columbia University

Integrated Planning and the Environment at New England Electric

Jonathan Lowell

New England Power Service Co.

Remote Sensing Imagery in Urban Energy Program Assessment

Kenneth Orvis, Hashem Akbari

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Implementation of Light-Colored Surfaces: Profits for Utilities and Labels for Paints

Arthur Rosenfeld, Hashem Akbari, Haider Taha, Sarah Bretz

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Meteorological Modeling Applications in Building Energy Simulations

David Sailor, Hashem Akbari

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Measured Impact of Neighborhood Tree Cover on Microclimate

David Sailor, Leo Rainer, Hashem Akbari

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

How Green Are Energy-Efficient Appliances? Calculation of End-Use Emissions Profiles from Engineering Field Data

Bruce Smith, Burt Blodgett, John Powers, Paul Delaney*

Quantum Consulting

*Southern California Edison

The Quantification and Verification of Energy Savings for Acid Rain Compliance

Barry Salomon, Joseph Kruger, Richard Morgan

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Energy Planning in Denmark--Methodology and Process

Iben Spliid

Danish Energy Agency

Understanding the CFC Challenge in a Changing World: The Commercial Building Response to the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments

Dale Stanton-Hoyle, Paul Tseng

Montgomery County Government

Cost and Performance Comparison of DSM Measures and Supply Changes to Reduce Utility Carbon Emissions

Joel Swisher, Karl Johnson*

Lund University

*Electric Power Research Institute

Demand Side Management of Electric Vehicle Loads

Timothy Tutte, Mark Hesters, Michael Jaske, Nancy Bester

California Energy Commission

Environmental Impact of Residential Fuel Switching

Edward Weaver, Patricia Herman

Barakat and Chamberlin

Analyzing the Effect of Including Environmental Externalities in Utility Planning

Frances Wood

The AES Corporation