Volume 5

It's 2002: Do You Know Where Your Demand-Side Management Policies and Programs Are?

Tom Eckman, Nancy Benner*, Fred Gordon**

Northwest Planning Council

*Portland Energy Conservation

**Pacific Energy Associates

Target Marketing: An Economic Approach for Integrated DSM and T&D Planning

Robert Caiello, John Hartnett

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Is the Sun Rising for Utility Solar Water Heating Programs?

Nancy Carlisle, Craig Christensen, Larry Barrett*

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

*Barrett Consulting Associates

Tales from the DSM Trenches: The Moral of the Story

Robin Christie, Nancy Benner, Diana Bjornskov

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.

Residential DSM: Program Transition from Planning to Maturity

Stephen Cowell

Conservation Services Group

Electric and Water Utilities: Building Cooperation and Savings

Cynthia Dyballa, Christopher Connelly*

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

*The Bruce Company

Development and Implementation of a Multi-Utility Residential New Construction Program: The Energy Crafted Home Program

Lynn Fryer, Nancy Schalch*

New England Power Service Company

*Mass-Save, Inc.

Industrial DSM - What Works and What Doesn't

Winslow Fuller


Capturing the Lighting Resource in New Residential Construction: Program Strategies

Lois Gordon

Portland Energy Conservation

A One Year Test Incentive for Programmable Controls Systems Provides An Opportunity to Assess Actual Energy Savings, Permanence and Reliability

Ruth Greey

Ontario Hydro

Wisconsin Power and Light Company's Community Based Project: An Opportunity for a New Approach to Demand-Side Management

Jack Hankes, Paul Berkowitz*

Wisconsin Power and Light Company

*Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Shooting in the Dark: Making Residential Lighting Programs Work

David Hewitt, Jeffrey Pratt, Paul Berkowitz*, Patricia McCarthy**, Kathleen Kelly**

Pacific Energy Associates

*Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

**Boston Edison Company

PG&E Appliance Doctor Pre-Production Test

Richard Jacobson, John Proctor*, Amy Polak*

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

*Proctor Engineering Group

A Critical Look at Residential Electricity Conservation Campaigns in a Developing Country Environment

Gilberto Jannuzzi, Vanice Santos, Marcello Campos Filho*

Universidade Estadual de Campinas

*Companhia Paulista de Forga e Luz

Industrial Demand-Side Management Programs: What's Happened, What Works

Jennifer Jordan, Steven Nadel

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

The PG&E Model Energy Communities Program: Offsetting Localized T&D Expenditures With Targeted DSM

Robert Kinert, Daniel Engel, John Proctor*, Ronald Pernick*

Pacific Gas and Electric Co

*Proctor Engineering Group

Stalking the Golden Carrot: A Utility Consortium to Accelerate the Introduction of Super-Efficient, CFC-Free Refrigerators

Michael L'Ecuyer, Harvey Sachs*, Gary Fernstrom**, David Goldstein***, Elizabeth Klumpp****, Steven Nadel*****


*University of Maryland

**Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

***Natural Resources Defense Council

****Washington State Energy Office

*****American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

What Works in the Low-Income Sector: Survey Results of 33 Rate and DSM Programs

William LeBlanc, Beth Elliot, Julia Blagden, Julia Brown

Barakat & Chamberlin

Power Smart Home Improvements--Using the latest in Target Marketing, Incentives and Automation to Maximize Program Performance

Jay Lewis, Charles Szabo, Bin Schwartz*, Rebecca Varies**

B.C. Hydro Power Smart Home Improvement Program

*Polestar Communications

**Infinite Energy

Marketing Energy Efficiency to Commercial Customers - What Have We Learned?

Harvey Michaels, Alfred Ornstein*


*Consolidated Edison of New York

Bright Ideas in Residential Lighting

Leona Michelsen, Brian Lonergan*

Central Maine Power Company

*United Illuminating

Have I Got a Deal for You: Toward Better Marketing of DSM Programs

Philip Mihlmester

Aspen Systems Corporation

Innovation in Manufactured Housing Energy- Efficiency Programs

Stephen Onisko, Allen Lee*

Bonneville Power Administration

*Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Reducing Non-Heating Electric Use Among Low-Income Customers: The Detroit Edison Low-Income Customer Service Program

Mitchell Rosenberg


Residential Electrical Energy Efficiency in Jamaica, W.I.: Resource Potential and Preliminary Program Implementation

Andrew Shapiro, Blair Hamilton, David Cawley, W.R. Ashby*


*Jamaica Public Service Corporation

Experience Tapping the Conservation Resource in the Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Market: Refined Approaches

Timothy Stout

New England Power Service Company

Sacramento Shade Tree Program: Save Energy--Plant a Tree

Carroylin Threlkel

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

DSM Programs and the Residential Appliance Distribution Systems in Wisconsin

Kent Van Lierea, Kay Vig*, Shel Feldman**


*Northern States Power- Wisconsin

**Wisconsin Center for Demand-Side Research

Short-Term Market Intervention: The Key to Long-Term Benefits

Bruce Wall

Northeast Utilities Service Company

Prescriptive Path Strategy Sets for the Small Commercial Construction Market

Richard Weijo, Jeffrey Ponsness*, Kenneth Anderson**

Portland General Electric

*Criterion, Inc.

**Pacific Power

Designing Successful Industrial DSM Programs

Greg Wilker, Ahmad Faruqui, Robin Way, Paul Meagher*

Barakat & Chamberlin

*Electric Power Research Institute

Bounty Hunting for Negawatts - SDG&E Energy In a Whole New Light Program

Don Wood

San Diego Gas & Electric

Building Commissioning for Demand-Side Resource Acquisition Programs

Rachael Yoder, Michael Kaplan*

Pacific Power

*Kaplan Engineering