Volume 2

Optimal Forced-Air Distribution in New Housing

John Andrews

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Field Study of Energy-Efficient Showerheads

Sharon Bailey, W. Michael Warwick, Anita Lauhala, Curtis Hickman*, Christopher Dent**

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

*Bonneville Power Administration

**Pacific Science & Technology

The Effect of New Priorities and New Materials on Residential Refrigerator Design

David Benson, Thomas Potter

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Solar Versus Heat Pump Water Heaters: An Appliance Perspective

Stanley H. Boghosian, James D. Lutz

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Improving the Thermal Performance of the U.S. Residential Window Stock

Richard Brown, Dariush Arasteh, Joesph Eto

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Impacts of Changing Residential Oil Burner Technology

T. Butcher, R. McDonald, R. Krajewski, Y. Celebi, J. Andrews

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Facts and Figures About Compact Fluorescent Lamps or CFLs: Advertisements Versus Measurements

H. Despretz, J. Dubard*

Agence de l"Environnement et de Ia Maitrise de l'Energie

*Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques

ACT2 Project: Residential Maximum Energy Efficiency

Lance Elbering

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Vacuum Panel and Thick Insulation for Refrigerator/Freezers: Two Technologies That Work

Alan Fine, Jean Lupinacci, John Hoffman


Multi-Family Building Energy Monitoring and Analysis, Domestic Hot Water Use and System Sizing Criteria Development: A Status Report

Fredric S. Goldner

Energy Management & Research Associates

What to Expect from New Residential Efficiency Standards: Whole-Building Analysis of the Model Energy Code, ASHRAE 90.2P, and NAECA

James W. Hanford, Ronald L. Ritscharde, James M. Fay*

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*Gas Research Institute

Enhancing the Performance of HVAC and Distribution Systems in Residential New Construction

Jeff Hammarlund, John Proctor*, George Kast**, Tony Ward***

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.

*Proctor Engineering Group

**Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

***Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Measurements and Computer Modeling of the Energy Usage and Water Consumption of Direct and Two-Stage Evaporative Coolers

Joe Huang, Hofu Wu*

Lawerence Berkeley Laboratory

*California State Polytechnic University

Residential Technology Scenario Analysis: Defining the Role of Efficiency Standards, DSM, and Market Forces

Phil Hummel, Stuart McMenamin*

Electric Power Research Institute

*Regional Economic Research

Choosing the Right Replacement Boiler in Low-to-Moderate Income Multifamily Buildings--An Update of Current Practice and Research

John T. Katrakis, Laura M. Wharton, Wm. S. Goldmann

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Case Study of Infiltration and Ventilation Improvements in a Multi-Family Building

Mark Kelly III, John McQuail*, Robert O'Briene**

Building Science Engineering

*Conservation Services Group, Inc.

**New England Electric Services Company

Preparing Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for European Appliances

Benoit Lebot, Andrew Szabo, Pierre Michel

Agence de l'Environnement at de la Maitrise de L'Energie - ADEME

Field Testing of Various Energy Saving Measures for Domestic Hot Water Heating in Multifamily Buildings

Mary Lobenstein, Dave Bohac, Kristine Korbel, Mark Hancock, Timothy Dunsworth, Theodore Staller

Center for Energy and the Urban Environment

Analysis of Historical Residential Air-Conditioning Equipment Sizing Using Monitored Data

Robert Lucas

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

A Comprehensive Yardstick for Residential Thermal Distribution Efficiency

Mark Modera, John Andrews*, Esher Kweller**

Lawerence Berkely Laboratory

*Brookhaven National Laboratory


Household Appliances: Measurement in Single Family Houses

lars-Garan Mansson, Carl-Axel Boman*, Britt-Marl Jonsson*

LGM Consult AB

*National Swedish Institute for Building Research

The Impact of Residential Air Conditioner Charging and Sizing on Peak Electrical Demand

Leon Neal, Dennis L. O'Neal*

North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation

*Texas A&M University

Long-Term Interstitial Moisture Performance of a Tight Energy-Efficient Residence

Mike Nuess

Washington State Energy Office

Impact of Mechanical Systems on Ventilation and Infiltration in Homes

Larry Palmiter, Tami Bond

Ecotope, Inc.

Getting It Right the Second Time: Measured Savings and Peak Reduction from Duct and Appliance Repairs

John Proctor, Ronald Pernick

Proctor Engineering Group

The California Residential Water Heating Project

David Springer, Richard Bourne

Davis Energy Group

A Fundamental Approach in the Use of Whole-House Pressurization Data for Predicting Infiltration Rates

Lynn Stiles

Stockton State College

Energy Savings Potential in Lighting of New Residential Dwellings

Karl Stum

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.

The Low Energy House Zittau

Joachim Wilsdorf, Hans Werner*

Technische Hochschule Zittau

*Fraunhofer-Institut fur Bauphysik Holzkirchen