Volume 10

Creative Information: Tools For Environmental Education and Personal Change

Kenneth Baker, John Black*

Idaho Department of Water Resources

*Black Design/Creative Consulting

Non-Price Barriers that Impede the Performance of Economically Viable Energy Conservation Measures in the Norwegian Residential Sector

Sarita A. Bartlett

Central Bureau of Statistics

High Performance Industrial Energy Conservation: A Case Study

Peter B. Cebon

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Evaluation of the Puget Sound Telecommuting Demonstration

Dee Christensen, Michael Farley, Maureen Quaid, Laurel Heifetz

Washington State Energy Office

Conservation Effect of Immediate Electricity Cost Feedback on Residential Consumption Behaviour

John K. Dobson, J.D. Anthony Griffin

Ontario Hydro

Increasing Energy and Environmental Awareness in the Next Generation: An Innovative and Cooperative Approach

Linda Ecker, John Mclain, Jerry Bingold*

Portland General Electric Company

*JlB Associates

Public Perceptions and Preferences on Energy Policy

Barbara C. Farhar

National Renewable Energy laboratory

Residential Electrical Equipment Use and Energy Management Attitudes In Post-Communist Hungary

David Gl'afstein, Barry J. Conway

Ontario Hydro

The Organizations' Motivation for Energy Conservation: A Way to Structure the Market in the Commercial Sector

Claes Hedenstrom

Vattenfall AS

Adaptations and Coping: Occupant Response to Discomfort in Energy Efficient Buildings

Judith Heerwagen, Richard C. Diamond*

University of Washington

*Lawrence Berkeley laboratory

Information and Motivational Incentives as a Stand-Alone Energy Conservation Measure

Claire A. Hobson, Kathy M. Baker, James M. Seaee*

Bonneville Power Adminstration

*Energard Corporation

The Economics of Cycling Personal Computers

Jonathan G. Koomey, Timothy Oey*, Eric Bergman**

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

*Apple Computer, Incorporated

**Sun Microsystems, Incorporated

Why Are the Energy Efficient Customers Only 13% of the Market?

Kerstin Levin Kruse

Vattenfall AB

An Ethnographic Examination of the Role of Energy Efficiency in the Sale and Purchase of Large Household Appliances in Scandinavia

Rich Ling, Harold Wilhite

Nordic Center for Resource Studies

Energy Use in Single-Family Houses in a Cold Climate

Heidi M.J. Melasniemi-Uutela

Statistics Finland

Ninety Years of U.S. Household Energy History: A Quantitative Update

Bonnie Maas Morrison

University of Minnesota

A Comparative Analysis of Energy Demand and Expenditures by Minority and Majority Households within the Context of a Conditional Demand System

David A. Poyer

Argonne National Laboratory

Beyond Traditional Approaches to Marketing Energy Conservation: The Espanola Experience

Vicky J. Sharpe, David R. Watts

Ontario Hydro

An Inter-organizational View of Implementing Building Standards in Jamaica

Anne G. Sprunt

City of Berkeley

Effect of Price Increases on Electricity Conservation--Experiments with Customers in Sweden

Christina Svalstedt

Vattenfall AS

Billing Based on Actual Consumption, Feedback and Saving Tips as Means to Encourage Household Energy Conservation

Antti Uutela, Ulla Anttila, Anne Arvola

University of Helsinki

The Effects of Better Billing Feedback on Electrical Consumption: A Preliminary Report

Harold Wilhite, Rich Ling

Nordic Center for Resource Studies

The Person Behind the Meter: An Ethnographic Analysis of Residential Energy Consumption in Oslo, Norway

Harold Wilhite, Rich Ling

Nordic Center for Resource Studies

The Role of Values and Lifestyles in Consumer Adoption of Natural Gas End-Use Technologies

Oliver S. Yu, Bruce MacEvoy, Michael Piraino*

SRl International

*Gas Research Institute