Volume 4

Environmental Benefits of Energy Efficiency: Impact of Washington State Residential Energy Codes On Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Richard Byers

Washington State Energy Office

The Valuation of Environmental Externalities in Energy Conservation Planning

Paul Chernick, Emily Caverhill

PLC, Incorporated

The CO2 Diet for a Greenhouse Planet: Assessing Individual Actions for Slowing Global Warming

John DeCicco, Jim Cook, Dorene Bolze, Jan Beyea

National Audubon Society

Environmental Issues in Planning Buildings Energy Efficiency R&D

Barbara C. Farhar

Solar Energy Research Institute

A Comparison of Displacement Efficiency, Decay Time Constant, and Age of Air for Isothermal Flow in An Imperfectly Mixed Enclosure

Robert Farrington, Dale Martin, Ren Anderson

Solar Energy Research Institute

Radon: Residential Attitudes toward the Risk

Rodney Fort, George Hinman, Robert Rosenman, Phil Wandschneider

Washington State University

Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Energy Efficiency in Existing UK Buildings

George Henderson, Les Shorrock

The Building Research Establishment

Evaluation of Conservation for SO2 Emissions Reduction Using A Multi-Objective Electric Power Production Costing Model

Benjamin Hobbs, James Heslin

Case Western Reserve University

A Guidebook for the Control of Summer Heat Islands

Joe Huang, Susan Davis, Hashem Akbari

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Air Pollution Projection Methodologies: Integrating Emission Projections With Energy Forecasts

Michael R. Jaske

California Energy Commission

The Global Change Issue - What It Is, Where It Is Going and How It Will Impact Utility DSM

David Kathan, Bonnie Jacobson

ICF Resources Incorporated

American Lay Conceptions of Global Warming

Willett Kempton

Princeton University

Simulation of Combined Heat Moisture and Contaminant Transport in Building Science Problems

Alp Kerestecioglu, Premasis Brahma, Lixing Gu

Florida Solar Energy Center

Economic Modeling for Large-Scale Urban Tree Plantings

E. Gregory McPherson

University of Arizona

Measured Cooling Savings From Vegetative Landscaping

ManKe Meier

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Public Policy Considerations and the Development of a Code for the Control of Radon in Residences

Mike Nuess, Stan Price

Washington State Energy Office

Radon Control - towards a Systems Approach

Mike Nuess, Richard Prill

Washington State Energy Office

Building Energy Consumption and the Environment: What Past, Present, and Future Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Surveys Can Tell Us About Chlorofluorocarbons

Julia D. Oliver, Eugene M. Burns

Energy Information Administration

Consideration of Environmental Externality Costs In Electric Utility Resource Selections and Regulation

Richard L. Ottinger

Pace University Law School

Activity Patterns of California Adults and Adolescents: Appliance Use, Ventilation Practices, and Building Occupancy

Thomas Phillips, Elliot Mulberg, Peggy Jenkins

California Air Resources Board

Indoor Air Quality: Everyone's Concerned or Nobody's Concerned

Suzanne Sivyer Rowan, David Fitzsimmons*

Bonneville Power Administration

*Washington Water Power

Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions: Some International Results

Paul Schwengels, William Pepper*

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

*ICF Information Technology, Inc.

Radon in Homes: The Alaskan Experience

Richard Seifert

University of Alaska

Simulating Microclimatic Effects on Building Energy Use

James R. Simpson

University of Arizona

Insights into the Time-Dependent Behavior of Indoor Radon Levels From Continuous Measurements

R. H. Socolow, T. A. Reddy, D. A. Hull

Princeton University

Emission Impacts of Demand-Side Programs: What Have We Achieved So Far and How Will Recent Policy Decision Change Program Choices?

Richard S. Tempchin, A. Joseph Van den Berg, Vera H. Geba*, Curtis S. Felix*, Marc W. Goldsmith*

Edison Electric Institute

*Energy Research Group, Inc.

Environmental Improvement and Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Opportunities to Reduce Co2 Emissions

Erich Unterwurzacher, Genevieve McInnes

International Energy Agency

Incorporating Environmental Externalities in an Integrated Resource Planning Process: One Utility's Experience

Dean S. White, Timothy Mit Stout, Mary Sharpe Hayes*

New England Power Service Company

*Temple, Barker, and Sloane, Inc.

The Three Dimensions of Indoor Air Quality

Stanley Wrzeski, Jr.

Minnesota Building Research Center