Lawrence Plumb


Larry Plumb is a key advisor for ACEEE’s intelligent efficiency work and strategic issues associated with energy efficiency policy and technology. Prior to his retirement, he was executive director for public policy at Verizon, where he was responsible for anticipating emerging secular trends, assessing their impact on Verizon and the industry, and developing appropriate policy positions through dialog with research institutes, think tanks, and policymakers. 

From 2008 to 2014, Dr. Plumb led Verizon’s policy efforts related to energy issues and represented Verizon on panels and venues where energy and the Internet of Things were discussed. He was Verizon’s representative to the Gridwise Alliance, the American Council on Renewable Energy, the Utilities Telecom Council, and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America . Along with Intel, he co-chaired the Digital Energy Solutions and Sustainability Campaign, an alliance of high-tech firms that sought to promote policies that leverage the energy efficiency potential of broadband and information technology.

Dr. Plumb completed a BS in psychology and a PhD in political science and philosophy from Purdue University.

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