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February 22, 2015 - February 24, 2015

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Hot Water Forum Overview

The ACEEE Hot Water Forum (HWF) is the premier technical conference dedicated to making water hot, distributing it with low losses, and using water with efficient fixtures and practices. Since 2008, the ACEEE HWF has brought together experts and newcomers from manufacturing; distribution (plumbing); electricity, gas and water utilities; government; and the research communities opportunities to learn from each other and build momentum for market transformation. Since then, the conference has emphasized both the technical efficiency potential and the policy/program implications of service hot water technology and practices, and how people use hot water.  Each year, the Forum features more than 28 sessions covering cutting-edge developments in these areas.

HWF participants meet, share ideas, and learn from each other's latest efforts on research, new water heating technologies, structured plumbing approaches, new demand-reduction devices (e.g., fixtures and water-efficient appliances), and programs for stimulating market uptake of new approaches. The HWF presentation program, developed each year by a dedicated steering committee, is complemented by ample time for networking with fellow attendees.    

In recent years, key topics have included:

  • Standards and Rating Methods. The 2015 federal minimum efficiency standard is based on an older rating method that will soon be superseded.  How will the combination affect industry, consumers, utilities, and the market?
  • Grid interactive electric water heating. How two way communication between electric water heaters and electric utilities can allow water heaters to act as a “thermal battery” to better integrate renewable resources, and provide ancillary services such as frequency regulation.
  • All about heat pump water heaters. Sessions have covered the latest developments in heat pump water heater technology, how units are performing in the field, and how energy efficiency programs are designing successful heat pump water heater programs to accelerate market transformation.
  • The latest in innovative technologies that can deliver greater energy savings including advanced gas-fired heat pump water heater technologies, pumps and motors in hot water systems, and wastewater drain heat recovery systems
  • Efforts to improve residential water heating efficiency by reducing distribution system energy and water losses through improved monitoring capabilities, and understanding how occupants use hot water in single family, low load homes, and multifamily housing.
  • An international perspective on water heating, including how use, markets, standards, and regulations differ.

This conference was developed to provide a venue for all members of the hot water community and is one of a number of conferences that ACEEE sponsors so professionals working in energy efficiency can better collaborate and share new ideas.

Likely Participants Include: Equipment and component manufacturers; water, gas, and electric utilities; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy efficiency program planners, operators, and evaluators; policymakers; NGOs; and consultants.

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