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Jennifer Thorne Amann
Jennifer Thorne Amann Buildings Program Director
Buildings Program


Jennifer Thorne Amann promotes residential and commercial whole building performance improvements, explores behavioral approaches to improving energy efficiency, and analyzes the impacts of stronger appliance efficiency standards. She has authored dozens of publications and...

Brendon Baatz
Brendon Baatz Senior Research Analyst, Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program
Policy Program


Brendon Baatz joined ACEEE in the fall of 2014. Brendon’s research focuses on state energy efficiency policy, utility regulation, energy markets, utility resource planning, and utility-sector efficiency programs. Prior to joining ACEEE, Brendon worked for the Federal...

Jim Barrett
Jim Barrett Chief Economist
Economic Program


Jim Barrett concentrates on the nexus of climate change, energy efficiency, and economics and has written extensively on the role of efficiency in achieving environmental and economic goals. Prior to joining ACEEE, Jim was executive director of Redefining Progress, a public...

Naomi Baum
Naomi Baum Chief Operating Officer


Naomi Baum is part of the senior management team, addressing strategic and tactical issues across the organization. She is responsible for all aspects of the organization's operations, including human resources, strategic finance and business management, internal...

Casey Bell
Casey Bell Senior Economist and Finance Policy Lead
Economic Program


Casey Bell identifies best practice polices and market mechanisms that can be used to finance energy efficiency in the residential, commercial, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors. She also performs macroeconomic modeling of the impacts of energy efficiency policy and...

Jason Blake
Jason Blake IT Support Specialist


Jason Blake responds to staff requests for help with the organization's computers and network and works with contractors to maintain ACEEE's servers and network. He joined ACEEE in 2011.  Jason comes from a varied background in the nonprofit world ranging from...

Anna Chittum
Anna Chittum Visiting Fellow
Industry Program

(206) 946-1214

Anna consults on federal, state, and local industrial energy policies and programs, particularly those pertaining to combined heat and power (CHP). Anna recently returned from a yearlong sabbatical in Denmark, where she was a Fulbright Fellow and a visiting researcher with...

Rachel Cluett
Rachel Cluett Research Analyst
Buildings Program


Rachel Cluett joined ACEEE in November 2012. Her work focuses on residential sector energy efficiency including labeling and energy use disclosure, efficiency program design, and product standards and labeling. Rachel is a BPI-certified building analyst and envelope...

Tom Cox
Thomas Cox Finance Director


Tom Cox oversees ACEEE’s finance department and organizational financial accountability system and provides high-level financial planning, accounting, and fiscal management including developing, compiling, and monitoring the operating budget. He joined ACEEE in 2012. Tom...

P Dawson
Paula Dawson Accounting Assistant


Paula Dawson joined ACEEE in 2014 as an accounting assistant.  Her work primarily consists of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Prior to joining ACEEE, Paula worked as an intern at Maxim Healthcare Services, Liberty Tax Service, and American Diabetes...

Andrew deLaski
Andrew deLaski Executive Director, Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP)


Andrew deLaski coordinates national advocacy efforts related to federal efficiency standards and advises state policymakers and advocates interested in state level energy efficiency standards policy. He has co-authored and updated periodic national and state studies on savings...

Marianne DiMascio
Marianne DiMascio Outreach Director, Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP)


Marianne DiMascio creates awareness of and builds support for appliance efficiency standards on both the federal and state level, building a coalition of supporters through outreach, education, and advocacy. She is co-author of The Efficiency Boom: Cashing In on the Savings...

Julie Edwards
Julie Edwards Operations Director


Julie Edwards joined ACEEE in 1997.  She oversees the operations of ACEEE, including IT systems, human resources, and facilities management. Prior to joining ACEEE, Julie worked at the National Academy of Sciences with the Board on Science and Technology in International...

Neal Elliott
R. Neal Elliott Associate Director for Research
Industry Program, Agriculture Program


Neal Elliott coordinates ACEEE's overall research efforts and leads the Agricultural Program. He is an internationally recognized expert and author on energy efficiency, energy efficiency programs and policies, electric motor systems, combined heat and power (CHP) and...

Annie Downs
Annie Gilleo State Policy Research Analyst
Policy Program


Annie Gilleo joined ACEEE in 2013. She is the lead author for the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and conducts research on energy efficiency resource standards and other state-level policies. Prior to joining ACEEE, Annie held an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps...

Fred Grossberg
Fred Grossberg Editor


Fred Grossberg is the ACEEE editor. He joined ACEEE in 2013. He previously worked as a writing, editing, and development consultant for numerous organizations and as senior grant writer for the National Minority AIDS Council. A Rhodes Scholar, Fred has a PhD in English from...

Sara Hayes
Sara Hayes Senior Manager and Researcher, Policy and Utilities
Policy Program, Utilities Program


Sara Hayes has a dual focus within ACEEE working with both the Policy and Utilities programs. She leads many of ACEEE's analyses of national policies and manages research of trends and emerging issues in utility end-use efficiency. She joined ACEEE in 2010. Prior to...

Garrett Herndon
Garrett Herndon National Policy Research Assistant
Policy Program


Garrett Herndon conducts research and analysis on national and international energy efficiency policy. Additionally, he is involved in state outreach and developing technical assistance resources, as well as research on the impact of state energy efficiency policies and...

Charlie Herron
Charlie Herron Executive and Conferences Assistant


Charles Herron performs administrative duties, supports the executive team, and works with ACEEE’s program directors to plan and execute conferences. He also supports the organization’s adoption and deployment of its multi-use contact database. Charles joined ACEEE...

Virginia Hewitt
Virginia Hewitt Local Policy Research Assistant
Policy Program


Virginia Hewitt assists with multi-disciplinary policy research and reporting on actions at the local and state levels. She also assists with local technical assistance across ACEEE. She joined ACEEE in 2013. Prior to joining ACEEE, Virginia worked at David Gardiner and...

Kathryn Hottel
Kathryn Hottel Finance Associate


Kathryn Hottel oversees accounts payable, accounts receivable, and banking transactions. She joined ACEEE in 2010.   Prior to joining ACEEE, Kathryn worked in cash management at FOLIOfn, an online brokerage firm.   Kathryn holds a bachelor of science in business...

Geneva Jones
Geneva Jones Administrative Associate


Geneva Jones joined ACEEE in 1998. She performs a wide variety of administrative and receptionist desk duties. Prior to joining ACEEE, Geneva was a secretary at the State Department and a personnel clerk with the U.S. Army. Geneva attended Georgia Military College and Augusta...

Meegan Kelly
Meegan Kelly Research Analyst, Industry
Industry Program


Meegan Kelly conducts research and outreach on the impacts of state and federal energy efficiency programs and policies on energy use in the industrial sector. She is also engaged in research on combined heat and power and intelligent efficiency. She joined ACEEE in 2014....

Siddiq Khan Senior Researcher
Transportation Program


Siddiq Khan leads the heavy-duty vehicle program at ACEEE. He reviews fuel economy regulations for heavy-duty vehicles; analyzes technologies and policies to improve vehicle fuel economy; and reviews the potential impacts of electric-drive vehicles in the U.S. transportation...

Patrick Kiker
Patrick Kiker Communications Associate


Patrick Kiker joined ACEEE in 2011. He manages media relations, social media activities, and ACEEE's blog, as well as helping to develop communications strategy for national, state, and local outreach. Prior to joining ACEEE, Patrick was the communications associate at the...

Martin Kushler
Martin Kushler Senior Fellow
Utilities Program


Martin Kushler directs numerous widely acclaimed national studies of utility sector energy efficiency policies and programs, and provides technical assistance to help advance energy efficiency policies in many states. He has been directing research and evaluation regarding...

Sameer Kwatra
Sameer Kwatra Senior Analyst
Buildings Program


Sameer Kwatra conducts research and analysis to advance energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings. His current research interests include miscellaneous energy loads in commercial and residential buildings; increasing utility participation in advancing building...

Therese Langer
Therese Langer Transportation Program Director
Transportation Program


Therese Langer works to improve the efficiency of both vehicles and systems for the movement of passengers and freight. Her current areas of focus include: advancing technologies and policies to improve light- and heavy-duty fuel economy; integrating transportation into...

Rebecca Lunetta
Rebecca Lunetta Conferences Director


Rebecca Lunetta joined ACEEE in 1997. She organizes and manages all logistical tasks related to conference planning for ACEEE. These tasks include: supervising conference staff; overseeing abstract selection processes; designing and maintaining conference databases; developing...

Eric Mackres
Eric Mackres Manager, Local Policy and Community Strategies
Policy Program


Eric Mackres works on local and community energy efficiency initiatives with the Policy Program. He provides technical assistance to communities that are beginning or expanding energy efficiency efforts. In addition, he manages ACEEE research related to local implementation of...

Joanna Mauer
Joanna Mauer Technical Advocacy Manager, Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP)


Joanna Mauer coordinates a broad coalition of efficiency advocates to provide technical analysis and comments on the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standards rulemakings for residential appliances and commercial equipment. She joined ASAP in 2010. Prior to joining...

Harry Misuriello
Harry Misuriello Visiting Fellow
Buildings Program

202-507-4030, cell: 703-477-4781

Harry Misuriello joined ACEEE in 2008 as a consultant and advisor. He works on strategies to increase the level of energy-efficient new residential and commercial construction nationally and regionally through development, adoption, and enforcement of building energy codes....

Maggie Molina
Maggie Molina Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program Director
Policy Program


Maggie Molina is director of the Utilities, State and Local Policy Program. She conducts energy efficiency program and policy research and analysis, and provides technical assistance on energy efficiency policy and programs to a wide variety of audiences, including state...

Glee Murray
Glee Murray Associate Director for Outreach


Glee Murray directs the Communications Program (including publications), and oversees the Conferences Program. Her responsibilities include strategic planning and oversight of ACEEE's website, press and media outreach, conferences planning, and  publications marketing...

Steve Nadel
Steven Nadel Executive Director
Policy Program, Buildings Program, International Program


Prior to his promotion to executive director in 2001, Steven Nadel served as deputy director of the organization and director of ACEEE’s utilities and buildings programs. He has worked in the energy efficiency field for more than 30 years and has over 100 publications....

Seth Nowak
Seth Nowak Senior Analyst
Utilities Program


Seth Nowak conducts quantitative analysis and writes reports on energy efficiency programs and policies in the electric and natural gas utility sector. His focus is on state energy efficiency policies including the administration and delivery of utility sector programs. He is...

Lynn Pyle
Lynn Pyle Conferences Coordinator


Lynn joined ACEEE in 2011. She assists with the organization and on-site management of all ACEEE conferences, workshops, and other events. Prior to joining ACEEE, Lynn was employed by the International Reading Association (IRA) for over 25 years, serving as exhibits/...

David Ribeiro Research Analyst
Policy Program


David conducts research and analysis on state and local-level energy efficiency initiatives, such as state and local lead by example policies and combined heat and power policies. He also contributes to the state and city energy efficiency scorecards and policy databases...

Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers Senior Manager, Industry
Industry Program


Ethan Rogers directs the Industry Program. He joined ACEEE in 2012. Prior to joining ACEEE, Ethan worked at Purdue University Technical Assistance Program (TAP) where he managed an energy efficiency and sustainability training and implementation assistance program. Ethan...

Lauren Ross
Lauren Ross Senior Analyst, Utility, State and Local Policy
Policy Program


Lauren Ross concentrates on the nexus of affordable housing, energy efficiency, and cities. She is the lead on ACEEE’s work to expand utility programs to improve the energy efficiency of multifamily housing. In addition, as part of the local policy and community...

Chris Russell
Christopher H. Russell Visiting Fellow, Industry
Industry Program


Christopher Russell consults with ACEEE, working with energy program coordinators, solution providers, and business leaders to advance energy efficiency in commercial and industrial contexts. A frequent conference and workshop speaker, he is the author of The Industrial Energy...

Harvey Sachs
Harvey Sachs Senior Fellow
Buildings Program


Harvey Sachs works on building codes, standards, and market transformation for the residential and commercial sectors. Market transformation activities include evaluating emerging technologies, and specific programs for energy-saving technologies and practices. He joined ACEEE...

Eric Schwass
Eric Schwass Web and Publications Coordinator


Eric Schwass joined ACEEE in 2008. He coordinates ACEEE's web and print publications. Prior to joining ACEEE, Eric worked as a production manager for Smithsonian Books. Eric has a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of Rhode Island and a master of...

Mary Shoemaker
Mary Shoemaker
Policy Program


Mary Shoemaker conducts research and analysis on energy efficiency policy in the United States. As a member of the federal policy team she tracks and analyzes federal legislation and agency regulations that affect energy efficiency. In particular, Mary explores the role of...

Lowell Ungar
Lowell Ungar Senior Policy Advisor
Policy Program


Lowell Ungar supports effective federal energy efficiency policies. He promotes administrative actions under existing authorities, develops legislative proposals, and analyzes existing and proposed policies and programs. He joined ACEEE in 2013. Prior to joining ACEEE, Lowell...

Shruti Vaidyanathan
Shruti Vaidyanathan Senior Transportation Analyst
Transportation Program


Shruti Vaidyanathan is the principal analyst for ACEEE’s Green Book Online, a comprehensive environmental ranking of consumer vehicles. Her recent work has also focused on transportation policy at the state and regional level, including the analysis of policy options for...

Suzanne Watson
Suzanne Watson Policy Program Director
Policy Program


Suzanne Watson joined ACEEE in 2008. She works with all of ACEEE’s programs (Transportation, Utilities, Industry, Buildings, Behavior, and Economic and Social Analysis) to help set policy priorities. She works with staff and external partners to determine how ACEEE...

Mallory Werthamer
Mallory Werthamer Conferences and Outreach Associate


Mallory Werthamer joined ACEEE in 2011.  Her work is split between conference planning and web communications. Prior to joining ACEEE, Mallory held internships at Discovery Communications, National Geographic Television, and WUSA-TV. Mallory has a bachelor of arts in...

Dan York
Dan York Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program Fellow
Utilities Program


Dan York has more than 20 years of experience in researching, analyzing and implementing energy efficiency policies and programs. He is widely recognized for his work tracking and analyzing trends and emerging issues in utility-sector energy efficiency programs. His entire...

Rachel Young
Rachel Young National Policy Research Analyst
Policy Program


Rachel Young conducts research on the impacts of federal and national energy efficiency policies. She works in the Policy Program and focuses on natural resources including energy efficiency as a mechanism to reduce air pollution, the water-energy nexus, and natural gas...